Samsung Messager is a phone for texting

Samsung Messager is a phone for texting
Samsung announced its new simple QWERTY phone, the Messager SCH-R450. It is the successor of the R410 and has similar form-factor, improved features and larger dimensions. It is side-sliding, revealing the full hardware keyboard. On its front are a 2.1” 176x220 pixels display and a numeric keypad. Messager is designed as an easy to use phone for text messages, email and instant messengers. It features 1.3-megapixel camera (the R410 had 0.3MP one), Stereo Bluetooth and headset jack, microSD slot for memory and support for CDMA AWS band. MetroPCS is the first carrier to offer it, at $199, but Cricket will follow, judging by the Cricket manual Samsung has on its site.

Samsung Messager Specifications

source: Samsung



1. C-Chicki unregistered

I'll stick with the LG Scoop/Rumor. I just dont like how all samsungs look so similar...

2. unregistered

Whatever phone and on a terrible network

3. unregistered

So isn't the new LG Rumor!

4. unregistered

Blah, IT's so fugly, Rumor/Scoop is wayyy much better

5. unregistered

is this phone for texting not for making call

6. unregistered

The proportions look better than LG's Rumor. BTW, Phone Arena guy, If it's called the Samsung Messager, I would expect it to be for messaging (text, IM, mms)

7. unregistered

I'll echo the sentiment about the proportions. I also think it looks a lot better than the LG Rumor. The Rumor looks like a toy. This looks like a more grown up device.

8. unregistered


9. INEEDMONEY unregistered

This phone came out for cricket yesterday and like all the other phones cricket has to offer, it sucks. But for being available for cricket/Metro PCS its exceptional for there standards. Much better than a lot of there other phones. I might get it. I'm with verizon and have the lg dare but i'm getting fed up with the bill every month. My bill is 600! and i have a single line of service. so this might be the best choice for me.

10. No sir unregistered

If your a single line with VZW and your bill is $600 you must be doing something wrong. The most expensive plan isn't even $600 and even if you add in the taxes...... That has to be the most exaggerated comment I have ever heard. I hate number 9......

11. INEEDMONEY unregistered

Hey JACK@$$... It wasn't an exaggeration. My bill litterally was $600. Since you obviously care so much about it that you hate me, i'll tell you why. I'm on the unlimited talk premium plan. Its 139.99 a month. You should know they charge for 2 months when you get your first bill. So i'm paying $280 plus tax for the first bill. And on top of that I upgraded my Env2 for the Voyager and then to the LG Dare so that was billed to my account as well. When I had the voyager I paid an additional 25$ for Mobile TV Service. Double that and and it adds up to about 450. Then theres the activation fee which was $35. I bough a game a couple ringtones and some music. so that adds another $15. There was something else but i forget. Then plus tax it rounded up to about $600. I never said that I pay $600 monthly. I said my bill is $600. Meaning I just got my bill and it was $600.

13. unregistered

you seriously didn't need to explain urself to "No sir", i had verizon and one of my bills were about 400 dollarz its not impossible

12. unregistered

looks WAAAAYY better than the Rumor. The Rumor looks cheap imo. Either way the ENV RULES ALL!!!!!

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