Samsung Glyde U940 Press Photos

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Samsung Glyde U940 Press Photos
Newly leaked press photos emerged today, showing the upcoming Samsung Glyde U940 in all its glory. It is also rumored that the Glyde will be released near the end of April with pricing similar to the LG Voyager.

PhoneArena was the first web site to bring you exclusive images of the Samsung Glyde last November.

*UPDATE* The Glyde has been spotted on a Verizon Mail-in-Rebate form, which shows a rebate amount of $50 and its UPC number. It is for purchases from 2/19/08 through 3/29/08, yet it is doubtful that the Glyde will be out before the end of March.

*UPDATE 2* Sources are now saying the Glyde is due out for a May or June release.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. leavirj unregistered

will it have mobile tv like the voyager?

2. dirtjenkins unregistered


87. lordvadert49

Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

why not?

3. George unregistered

this will be an awsome phone... wayy better than the Voyager.

129. unregistered

wel it is cheeper but the voyagers better

4. dan unregistered

why would you want to pay for mobile tv when it can play mpeg4 videos.

5. unregistered

so you never miss an episode of lost or heroes because your at work!! :D

6. Mike unregistered

looks like an awsome phone. I wonder if it will come in different colors. The spy photos made it look black, but these ones are blue.

93. haticK unregistered

i think the top is black and the bottom is blue

7. Thomas unregistered

how will this be better than the voyager (not that i'm a fan of the voyager) but it has a plain looking keyboard, no mobile tv, and the almost the exact same interface as the voyager?

99. unregistered

thats only an opinion and btw its cheaper. get your facts straight first

101. unregistered

the glyde smaller, cooler and cheaper. who cares about mobile tv..... you have to pay for it and in some parts of the US you cant even use it

112. unregistered

yeah its not as expensive and you probably aree a voyager fan. and the key board slides whitch is way cooler

113. unregistered


8. Omie unregistered

If I remember correctly 5 colors will be available. :)

114. unregistered

Which colors?

9. Vitor unregistered

Voyager - internal screen - mobileTV = less money (in a perfect world, lets hope so) Hey PhoneArena whats up with the constant reminders about having the first pics, you guys have some kind of inferiority complex? I love your work but come on is it necessary? grow up a little. Sorry had to let that out

100. unregistered

glyde is less money.

102. unregistered

the glyde is like $$$$$$$$$$200$$$$$$$$$ cheaper than the voager!!!!!!!

115. unregistered

yeah and its not as bulky

10. NYC unregistered

is it true samsung glyde will have video calling as in a web cam to see the person your talking to?

116. unregistered


11. ewill unregistered

almost 100% gauranteed that it wont. not to say it wouldnt necessarily have the capability but the network would have to be capable, it would have to be network enabled, and the phone would have to be capable. being and employee i know all those are not available currently.

12. ewill unregistered

although it is true that it transforms into magical mythical dragon! all you dungeon and dragon fans should celebrate!

103. unregistered

lol i think i heard that tooooooo!!! that is a kick ass feature

13. Ken unregistered

I was told by a manager at verizon that the Glyde was WIFI. Anyone know if that is true?

104. unregistered

It is true but you have to pay for it... it has google and all that good stuff

117. unregistered

you don't hyave to pay for it

14. leavirj unregistered

What is the best guess for a release date? i wonder if there would be any way to change icons, like the iphones. i like the f700 look better. plus, how could they downgrade the camera mp?

15. Jesse unregistered

499.99 without two year

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