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Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint is official at $400 on-contract starting November 14th

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Oct 2010, 12:07

It looks like Sprint is aiming to steal the thunder away from their competitor after they officially made an announcement today regarding their specific variant. Going for the 2-year contract price of $399.99, which is subsidized unlike Verizon's offering, the Samsung Galaxy Tab...

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posted on 25 Oct 2010, 15:38

1. jtucker1987 (Posts: 89; Member since: 06 May 2010)

30 bucks for 2gb and 60 bucks for 5gb? why are they pricing their data plans higher than their two biggest competitors....what about overages? do they have a deal like att and verizon where you pay only 10 bucks for an extra 1gb? probably not.....att is only 25 bucks for 2gb and verizon starts at 20 bucks for a 1gb....verizon's 5gb plan is 50 bucks while att (if you count the overages) comes out to 55 bucks for 5gb.....all i have to say is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.....I can see you can justify it by saying they have more 3G than att BUT they shouldn't price it higher than verizon which has much more 3G and now have better data plan deals than sprint

posted on 25 Oct 2010, 15:03

2. zerglisk (Posts: 544; Member since: 09 Feb 2010)

Lame! Why are these non-phone related products have to go through the need of subscription... so stupid imo
Plus those us carriers took away phone calling ability on their own.. isn't that even more redundant!?

posted on 26 Oct 2010, 04:18

3. iphone-fan (unregistered)

That's pretty expensive for a subsidised model!

posted on 27 Oct 2010, 11:25

4. jayinbee (unregistered)

The data plan is 5$ more than AT&T per month. Over 24 months that's $120. So this really isn't an unfair price, you pay 200$ less for the tab upfront, you pay $120 more for the data service over 2 years. And if you dont want to be locked in a contract, you have the option to purchase for 600$ no contract like the other carriers. Not sure how this is unfair compared to AT&T or Verizon's options.

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