Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ battery test results are out

Is battery life any better on the new S9 than on last year's Galaxy S8 or Note 8 series? And how does it compare to other flagship phones in 2018?...
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32. monoke

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Lol. My old as dirt Xperia Z3 has 2+ hours more battery usage than the S9's... It's 2018 and that shouldn't be happening with any phone... It's pathetic really.

34. Marcwand3l

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I don't understand how it's technically possible for the S8 to have a better battery score than ever single other high end Samsung phone including: the s9+, S8+ and Note 8 which al have bigger batteries.

36. Swsko

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I have the exynos s9+ and on my first charge it lasted 29hours with 6h19mn with sot and that's with wifi all the time, AOD and gmail synching and auto brightness

37. whattab

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What is wrong with this website? Every battery drain test on YouTube, thus far, has shown that the s9+ has a decent battery life improvement over the s8+. I have no idea how Phonearena manages to get such skewed battery results with their tests. At least gsmarena's battery table makes some objective sense.

39. dynamite

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I reacently got my s9+ and i have to admint i hoped for a better battery life out of box. But an option to decrease rezolution to 720p when browsing on web pages or facebook and instagram helps a lot. As from average consumer point it is now almost perfect phone :)

41. Krjal

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Literally the only site showing the S9 and S9+ lasting less than the S8s. Might wanna re-test them, PA.

43. Note8IsBoss

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I'm not worried battery life is up to the individual user they control what battery life you get. I'm a BOSS in the battery life department my S8Plus and Note8 are great S9Plus will be fine

45. h1a82001

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Is this the snapdragon version of the s9 plus and s8?

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