Samsung Galaxy S8 U.S. pre-orders rise 30% over Galaxy S7 reservations and set new company record

Before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8 last month, Samsung executives no doubt were sitting on pins and needles. How would the public respond to the new flagship models just half a year after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was pulled off shelves. The phablet turned out to be doomed by faulty batteries that made each unit a potential explosive, something that Samsung didn't want the public to associate with its brand...
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Apple could not compete in low end. There are too many devices at mid to low end that offer more features and bang for your buck, more so than Apple. People who buy phone at those ends of market are cautious about how they spend money. Nobody who buy at those ends of the market would buy low end iPhone more than low end Android because Apple won't price it competitively. Apple not willing to sacrifice some high profit margin. Look at iPhone SE. I do not say that iPhone is bad. And I use numbers from what marker prefers also. The numbers say market prefer Android to iOS. People mainly in U.S. prefer $700+ phone, but that is changing. iOS market share does not grow globally. They make the most profit in smartphone space from mostly same iOS users. In other places in the world, Apple market share is falling. People who buy Android phone don't just want phone with touch screen. That is false. They want access to apps and internet, and they can get that from Android at affordable price point.

82. willard12 unregistered

I don't recall mentioning Apple, but since they immediately popped into your mind: The "like what" was clearly articulated and I don't see the point in repeating it. If your point is that "giveaways" are the drivers of sales, why is the source of the giveaway relevant? I'm impressed at your deflecting of the points made about how the "giveaways" highlight the device's capabilities which are unmatched by a few other companies (including Apple as you've noted), and moving right to the last sentence all to say "Apple gives nothing, you're lucky we let you buy our iPhones."

91. AlikMalix unregistered

No you're the one deflecting that iPhone sell well without Apple themselves need to give free stuff to motivate - somesung does need to boost motivation. Look at the bigger picture - yet Apple still sells more of $700+ devices than Samsung. The bigger picture (if you don't see it) is that market prefers iPhones when it comes to flagship money.

99. willard12 unregistered

Then why do carriers use buy one get one free? Samsung gives stuff because they can. Apple can't give wireless fast chargers, or VR or micro SD cards anything else because the iphone lacks the capability to use any of them. When the iphone has fast wireless charging get back to us. You can't give what you can't do. So, carriers just give you another phone.

78. TechieXP1969

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Not from Apple. Carriers do buy one get one free. Or I use cases and s teen protectors. Apple doesn't believe in giving u less court ordered

47. willard12 unregistered

Of course, the fact that it works with hell s**t can be considered a plus in an of itself. I believe most of the deals are reducing the price for bundles. But, if they are giving away or reducing the price for VR, micro SD cards, fast wireless chargers, 360 cameras, or DeX, then that just highlights its ability to work with those items and goes well-beyond the capability of other manufacturers. With some devices, if they offered VR or fast wireless chargers with the device, then you're just getting paper weights. And I can't think of a major carrier that hasn't done buy one get one free offers at the release of any new high-end device.

54. tedkord

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In the same way that free iPhones with trade in of the past two models drove iPhone 7 sales?

79. TechieXP1969

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But those were carrier's deals. It Apple allowed it e side they all.weres are the IPhone 7 would t sell because of using the sa.e design a 3rd time. In fact the base iPhone 7 has been free on all major carrier's since day one. VZW gave away a car charger, case, screen protector a d a wireless speaker for free with iPhone purchase. Also VZW and Sprint and TMO and AT&T offer iPhone lease does which give free upgrades each model. But Alik is blind to facta.

76. TechieXP1969

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No. The S6, and S7 a d the Note t all ca.e with free stuff. Yet they still had the usual 40M S sea or so. So didn't. It's a great phone on it's own merit. The S7 has a choice of scars or Gear Fit 2. Since I ought so mamy phomes i had 5 free gifts. I don't care if they Include them or not. I was buying Samsung when they offered nothing. Oh and I am sure the costs are rolled the phone. Those tens have a retail value of $579. How much you think it costs to make?


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Very impressive, Samsung. You come back strong. Congratulations to you.

53. dmitrilp_

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I wonder when PA will stop mentioning the NOTE 7 incident on EVERY Samsung article! Jeez, it's so absurd!

65. nctx77

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It kind of relates. There are millions of Note fans who never got a new phone last year. They had to wait for this phone. Pent up demand my friend!

68. sissy246

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Never, they are butt hurt that Samsung is doing so good.

66. tfpritchjrEMT

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I owned two Note 7s and they were incredible smartphones, (other than that exploding/catching fire thing) far surpassing any other smartphone out there! After I surrendered my second Note 7 I was living for the S8/8+ and I was hoping they would pick up where the Note 7 ended. I was not disappointed! The S8/8+ is as good or better than the Note 7 in every possible way; well worth the wait.

69. TechieXP1969

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No one cares about the Note 7 issue. Just stand up, admit their was an issue, fix if and move on. Oh a f don't blame your customers. That's why I didn't buy an iPhone since the iPhone 4S. If I didn't need the 7 for work I wouldn't have bought it either.

93. AlikMalix unregistered

You said no one cares for Note 7 issue and then mention iPhone 4s in the same post. You mean to tell me that iPhone 4s which lost some connectivity if you grip it by bridging the metal parts of the exterior is WORSE than a device that spontaneously combusts and can (and did) cause harm to health and property? Seriously? Even the bending of iPhone 6+ was easily replaced in one hour at the store, yet Samsung issue took a month to admit (instead of first BLAMING THE CUSTOMERS for using third party chargers), then recall the device AFTER authorities made investigations and forced them to, then LIE to consumers that they found the problem fixed it "by changing the battery indicator to green and put a sticker on the box", just to recall again permanently. The same damn issue burned their battery factory down, for crying out loud. Yeah, iPhone 4S GRIPPING the device issue was Worse than that./s

100. willard12 unregistered

It's worse when the solution for the Galaxy Note 7 is a Galaxy S7 edge or Note 5 and $100 in credits. The solution for an iphone 4s is a bumper case. Yeah the iphone 4S GRIPPING the device issue was Worse FOR THE CONSUMER. By the way, in case you missed it, iphones burn too.
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