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Samsung Galaxy S III rumored to be released in April: HD screen, quad-core processor, 12-megapixel camera, running ICS

0. phoneArena posted on 24 Jan 2012, 07:16

Notorious for his murky inside sources and hit-or-miss track record, Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin just dropped a huge news bomb by saying the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S III…

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posted on 24 Jan 2012, 10:38 3

43. lpratas (banned) (Posts: 398; Member since: 09 Nov 2011)

I think Samsung doesn't go to stay for 1.5GHz quad core, i think they go to put in Galaxy S III a Exynus 4412 quad core clocked at 2GHz.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 10:56 2

47. cnoevl21 (Posts: 7; Member since: 07 Nov 2011)

Even if this is true (which I doubt) and it comes out in April, when will we get it here in the States? December???

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:03 1

48. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

What a step up this will be for those with GS1 phones.

Personally, I will bet good money on US carriers getting on board with these monsters, and a little quicker this time. Samsung is getting better and better in adjusting device support for each carrier, and with LTE support for the big three, it will be even easier. Maybe Sprint and AT&T will not have a ton of markets so the GS3 will still have to be optimized, but I cannot see a fiasco like with the GS2.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:08 2

51. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

I meant to say GS1 owners whose 2 year commitment will be done. My bad.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:48 1

58. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

chiming in as a day 1 SGS1 owner. BOOOOYAAAA :)

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:30 1

52. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

YES FINALLY MY WAIT IS OVER! Ive been waiting for this announcement. Now I can upgrade too the SGIII but still going too decide between this or the iON. Just glad i didnt bought the SGI OR SGII.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:33 1

53. remyrz (Posts: 205; Member since: 28 Oct 2010)

but i just have 3 month with my GSII ... -___-

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:44 2

55. Jericho (unregistered)

Ok.your right.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 11:50

59. taz89 (Posts: 2014; Member since: 03 May 2011)

i literally cant wait to see this phone,currently have the s2 and so far i have not even been compelled to leave it for another device but one thing for sure is that i will replace the s2 with the s3 unless someone really out does s3 which i dont see happening.

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 14:38

65. Salehqaseer (Posts: 3; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

Sucks !!! Apple rules !

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 16:00

66. belovedson (Posts: 1052; Member since: 30 Nov 2010)

why would it be 1.5ghz quad when 800 quad would probably crush any 1.5ghz dual core?

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 16:15

67. sid8911 (Posts: 54; Member since: 29 May 2010)

right on the month of my upgrade,hope this is true!

posted on 24 Jan 2012, 20:22

72. masterchina (Posts: 55; Member since: 27 Sep 2011)


posted on 25 Jan 2012, 02:54

74. XiphiasGladius (Posts: 813; Member since: 21 Aug 2011)

I just found another reason to skip the dual core gang and go all quads next. . .

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 02:44 1

75. jamvts (Posts: 14; Member since: 27 Jan 2012)

The Two most Imp Features Over anything is
a) World Phone like the iphone 4s
i think its the best feature in any phone to have both radios inside with all types of data enabled

b) Big battery like something close to 4000mah which does not seems to be that impossible nowadays

then comes features like
Dedicated Shutter button
Big screen RGB non-pentile 4.6 to 5 inch Super amoled plus 300+ ppi screen
Big resolution 16:10 or 5:4
Quad core 2.0 processor
1.5/2gb LPDDR3 ram
Aluminium Unibody Construction
12.1/14.1mp camera
Hotswap Mem card
inbuilt 32/64gb
bluetooth 4.0
HSPA+ 42mbps/ LTE/wimax or all of em :P
Xenon Flash
Wireless FM

Low Heat
More powerful speaker
Better audio Quality
Slide to screenshot like galaxy note
Little More Brightness

Bonus Feaure that i think will be great is having an Infrared sensor inside as well so it can replace the universal remotes

volume control and maybe clip on bluetooth caller id in headset (wireless would be great)

touch is still a problem in S2 and Note
especially in registering the touch - people say it is almost fixed with all the available mods out there but i bet u play fruit ninja and then talk, its nothing like any other LCD capacitive screen (eg iphone optimus 2x) , no way near at all

honestly i really wont mind if they make it a little thicker than the current one with all those stuff.

posted on 27 Jan 2012, 15:11

76. myproffs (Posts: 7; Member since: 17 Jan 2012)

Samsung Galaxy S III Appears on Samsung’s Website?
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