Samsung Galaxy S II hands-on

PhoneArena handled the phone with the largest Super AMOLED screen to date, and the thin design is impressive, as well as are the improved brightness and the dual-core chipset upgrade...
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59. Dark4o90

Posts: 205; Member since: Feb 20, 2011

i'll wait just to see HTC Desire HD2 but i think it won't be better. SAMOLED Plus is definetly better than SLCD or S IPS it has very fast processor 1GB RAM 16 or 32 GB ROM it looks reaaaaaly great amazing style and it runs fast. This "LOW" score is maybe because of the software but even it is because of the hardware who cares 1900 2500 2900 points i don't care soooo i'm definetly gettin it when it comes out.

62. CH unregistered

Did he just say around 0:13 "better motherf*cker!" :D I totally cracked at it XD You can call me stupid but I think I'll still be getting a Galaxy S instead of S II. I'm sure the S2's price will be ridiculously high around here and there are nice contracts available for only around 360€ (normal price is still 500€ around here). So I'm sure that Galaxy S II will sell over 600€ and the contract won't decrease its cost that much, just a few euros (20€ or so). It just goes here like that. The phone has to age a bit until they really drop the price on contract and that's exactly what's up with the original Galaxy S ;)

63. jaga unregistered

i'll not prefer android powered handsets, because android development grows very fast and the higher versions are not available for many devices. I would say Symbian is a good OS which give latest updates to its smartphones. I wont just buy an android powered handset just because it has cool "android".

64. Tsais

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if they're gonna have a hump on the back of the phone, it would make more sense on the upper end of the phone, helping to prevent it from sliding out of your hand. I presume the hump is to stow some bulky stuff they just can't shave down any further? If putting the hump at the upper end of the phone would mean the power connector would have to be up there too, I guess its better to put it on the bottom... The Sony Arc's rear design seems like something that both looks good, and prevents it from sliding out of your hand. Too bad its old hardware, and its screen covers too little of its surface.

65. M unregistered

Dude.... Speak clearly... I can't understand half the words you are saying in that youtube video.. like French ... Canadian or something! smh

66. mark123 unregistered

would love a vid where i can understand the guy talking and he isnt fidgeting with the phone the whole time so i can see how it really works
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