Samsung Galaxy Note II with 5.5" AMOLED to be narrower than the Note, release moved to September

A 5.5" AMOLED display has been confirmed for the upcoming Galaxy Note II, according to a tipster, but the device is actually narrower than the current Note, despite the larger viewing estate. The source has said that these design cues are taken from the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is a pretty compact device for a 4.8-incher...
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25. WirelessCon

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Yeah, full HD would be impressive. Overkill? Maybe, but pretty damn impressive. I would love my TV, Laptop, and handset to have the same resolution. I'm not a fan of the cloud though. I want to see significant storage on handsets, that's an area where there has not been advancements or innovation. I buy music and movies to own, and I want to own more, which means I want to buy more. More on board storage more consuming. More cloud, less interested. 64gb international S-3 should be the minimum these days. Hell, 128gb should be the minimum next year, but that won't happen.

24. dragonfruity

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Hope it comes with Jelly Bean 4.1


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I'm sorry PA but not everything is about Apple or the iphone.

31. tlsmithsr

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I hope T mobile doesn't at&t hand me downs and get this phone at launch

33. richardyarrell2011

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Samsung doesn't have too much to worry about that's for sure. With the GALAXY NOTE. GALAXY S2, GALAXY NEXUS and now the GALAXY S3 as well as the upcoming GALAXY NOTE 2 and NEXT NEXUS no Iphone 5 will ever compete

35. illegaltoast

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Oh look they pinch-zoomed in on the Galaxy S3
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