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Samsung Galaxy Note II might have the quad-core processor of the Galaxy S III, clocked at 1.6GHz

0. phoneArena posted on 20 Jul 2012, 08:36

The GT-N7100 scores slightly higher in the Offscreen test than the Galaxy S III, which might mean Samsung will overclock the Exynos 4412 in the eventual Note II to squeeze some extra performance, just like it did with the Galaxy S II and the original Note last year. Indeed, the System Info tab shows 1.6GHz maximum frequency, whereas the quad-core Exynos in the S III is clocked at 1.4GHz, hence the boost in the GT-N7100 performance...

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posted on 20 Jul 2012, 21:02

30. Gaurav008 (Posts: 328; Member since: 20 Jul 2012)

lol...just didnt write...any problem??

posted on 22 Jul 2012, 10:23

32. ObjectivismFTW (Posts: 211; Member since: 03 Jul 2012)

Firstly, IMO, some of the information here must be inaccurate: I doubt Samsung would opt for a lower resolution on a bigger screen, even though the sharpness is made better by the RGB matrix. Nevertheless, 1680x1050 should be a must with this screen size, preposterous that my GALAXY S3 sports the same resolution as this supposed "revolutionary" device.

Secondly, they should slap on an Exynos 5 5250 Dual-Core, 2GHz, based on A-15 architecture, sports a MONSTER MALI 604 GPU, and it's basically designed for tablets with higher resolution, which would make it ideal for this phone. Rumor has it that this CPU was going to release with the next gen galaxy tab with the 2560x1600 resolution, which I hope Sammy will announce quick.

Third, there must be 2GB of RAM on here, I don't know this whole 1.5GHz stunt they are pulling but it's unacceptable that an S3 be superior to this phablet in any aspect.

I also think this should be priced at a premium, maybe 250$ - 300$ , because with the right specs this could be a beast of a device, and people shouldn't just scream cheaper cheaper, if they understood the level of performance, the premium price should feel like a steal. I compare this phone to getting a GAMING PC instead of an Xbox.

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