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Samsung Galaxy Note II announced for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular

0. phoneArena posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:00

U.S. availability was one of the last remaining pieces of the Samsung Galaxy Note II puzzle, but that has been thrown on the table already. And it turns out that whichever wireless carrier you are subscribed to, chances are that a flavor of the jumbo-sized smartphone will be available only at a 2-year-contract's distance...

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posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:13 25

1. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 12:29 8

16. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)


posted on 19 Sep 2012, 12:57 9

17. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

Doesn't matter, I sold my RAZR back in March (cleared 100% profit) for this. I will be there launch day at my local Verizon SOHO store and happily pay out-of-pocket.

OMG, I feel like I am back at the 'Chocolate Factory'!

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:14 13

2. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3814; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

It's finally official that it's coming to all carriers! I couldn't be more excited! Day one purchase for me.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 21:42

27. laheelahee (Posts: 213; Member since: 09 Apr 2012)

Just talked to a Verizon rep that told me I should upgrade to the iPhone 5. When I told him i'd rather wait for the Note2, he told me Verizon was not going to get it. I told him it was coming to all 4 major carriers (+ 1 small regional carrier), he said he KNOWS Verizon will not get it. & Well, we don't even have Note1.
what an idiot.... lol

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:16 3

3. MikeG77 (Posts: 415; Member since: 24 Nov 2008)

While im happy to see that its coming to Verizon with Jellybean on board it makes me wonder when will we see JB on the Nexus/S3 and pricing. Sounds like this fall its going to be a lot of awesome choices for new smartphones.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 09:23 1

9. MikeG77 (Posts: 415; Member since: 24 Nov 2008)

I swear the people on this site amaze me. I get thumbed down for wondering on pricing and when JB is coming out for other phones. We all know that there are some people on here who would be complaing if it was not released with JB.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:21 3

4. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

I'd want to see what fluff samsung has added on top of Jelly Bean before recommending or possibly buying it, but it's very encouraging to see it on all the major carriers. Waiting to see what HTC and LG bring to the table as well, as I personally tend to prefer their designs and interface.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:24 1

5. Androidluv (Posts: 65; Member since: 13 Jul 2010)

I'm with you on that. I want to see what HTC has to offer before I make a final decision. Excited, nonetheless

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:24 5

6. cepcamba (Posts: 717; Member since: 27 Feb 2012)

Wow US peeps got the same innards as the international models :)

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:31 4

7. kshell1 (Posts: 1143; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

:O me want

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 08:38 4

8. slaggyb (Posts: 215; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

F The nexus 3 or whatever google calls it..... finally I can actually purchase a samsung exynos equipped phone on my dear carrier t-mobile I got the international galaxy s ii and was stucked with edge speeds....Am more than excited and can't wait till it launches getting it @full price unlocked....

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 09:55 3

10. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1121; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

VERY F-ING SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say that I will save my AT&T upgrade eligibility for the Note II and use the hell out of this phone lol

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 17:04 1

22. metalpoet (unregistered)

I was smart to wait on my upgrade for the next note, my upgrade has been due since July 20th and I wanted the GS3 but i heard rumors of the Note 2 coming to verizon and i have the POS Moto DROID 3 so i shall patiently wait for the Note 2! :)


posted on 19 Sep 2012, 10:27 3

11. skymitch89 (Posts: 1363; Member since: 05 Nov 2010)

Cool that it's coming to the top 5 carriers instead of the top 4. But this means that I'll probably have a tough choice when it comes to the end of my current contract, but I'm thinking that I might stick with Sprint.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 18:32 1

23. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Your best bet is T-Mobile. Now that they have true unlimited 4G at prices cheaper than Sprint, you'll save money in the long run.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 18:56

24. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5713; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

yeah, if i weren't grandfathered on Verizon i'd switch to T-Mobile.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 10:50 5

12. e.wvu (unregistered)

Forget the iPhone 5. I'm definitely selling my GS III to get this beast!

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 11:08 3

13. richardyarrell2011 (banned) (Posts: 510; Member since: 16 Mar 2011)

Have to say Day One purchase for me I have been waiting for the ultimate entertainment device that will cover all areas. Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with quadcore 1.6 Exynos processor on Tmobile's gsm hspa plus 42MPS network it will be simply the best battery life ever on any device. This is going to be great...

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 13:19 1

19. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3814; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

Well, it's definitely not gonna have the "best battery life ever on any device", but I agree with most everything else you said. Hope you were kidding there.

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 11:20 2

14. alfadolla (Posts: 28; Member since: 14 Mar 2011)

X-mas comes early in some states..lol, with nothing but samsung note II and a smart pen too lead us too merry bliss.....Ho Ho ...doh!!!

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 11:50 2

15. speed4evr (Posts: 79; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

Im as happy as a tornado in a trailer park lol. I been wanting the Note(II) since It was announced last year...BTW Im selling my Sprint S 3

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 12:59 3

18. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5713; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

well...told you. xD
what's even better is there's Exynos' all around! 8D

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 14:03 2

20. orielwindow (Posts: 109; Member since: 23 Sep 2010)

YES! Verizon! Best day EVER!

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 15:54

21. GeekMovement (unregistered)


posted on 19 Sep 2012, 20:03

25. 1ceTr0n (Posts: 549; Member since: 20 May 2012)

Man, its gonna be helluva expensive to pay full price for a beloved Note 2, hopefully I can get some cash outa selling my Note 1

posted on 19 Sep 2012, 20:56

26. e.wvu (unregistered)

Well, a rep from U.S Cellular replied to a user on their official Facebook page stating that the Note II is expected to ship by the end of October. So hopefully they are right on that!

posted on 20 Sep 2012, 18:58

28. scassidy23 (Posts: 6; Member since: 08 May 2012)

When the Note 2 launches, don't go to the carrier stores!!! For the best deal on this phone including trade and save on your old device, the place to go is Radioshack!! We will have this phone for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint on launch day. We transfer all your content (contacts, pics, videos, ringtones, etc.) for free!! We have expert support for free!! And we almost always have a special for all new phones on launch day that beats the carriers. Example, when the SG3 launched, all carrier stores released it at $199.99 new or upgrade, Radioshack had it at $149.99. So trust me come to Radioshack and get your Note 2 when it releases!!!

posted on 23 Sep 2012, 09:36

29. nofear (Posts: 151; Member since: 22 Jun 2012)

I have no comment, best luck for everyone supports for this upcoming phablet beast and I would want one for myself by Verizon. Both world of benefits that screen, speed and freedom. I wish a battery life can last up to 12 hours, to power for moderate to heavy use.

posted on 25 Sep 2012, 11:03

30. jaimeovarela (Posts: 7; Member since: 02 Nov 2011)


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