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Samsung G400 is Soul in clamshell design

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Samsung G400 is Soul in clamshell design
Samsung G400 is Soul in clamshell design
At CeBIT in Hanover, Samsung announced the latest G-series addition, the G400 clamshell. It seems this will be a variant of the Soul, exchanging the slider for clamshell form-factor, with touch-sensitive display on the front. Unlike the Soul's small d-pad, this one is a 2.2” display, as big as the internal one. It would be used for controlling multimedia features without opening.

Other features include 5-megapixel camera (with face detection), FM radio, HSDPA 7. 2 support. We expect it to use the same user interface as the Soul, but have no idea what the one on the touch display would look like. The G400 is scheduled for a European release in June, but the pricing is not yet available.

source: Samsung

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. (unregistered)

this phone is rather ugly on the inside with a TINY internal display. everyone knows the internal display is supposed to be larger than the external. web browsing on that phone will be real fun... :S

posted on 04 Mar 2008, 21:25

2. Durapoo (unregistered)

The internal screen isn't small, it's 2.2 inches. Thats a bit bigger than the usual these days. And out of all the posts I've seen, why am I the only one to notice that it's just Samsung copying again (except it's not LG this time)? This time they're obviously copying Motorola and it's RAZR V8/9. But, this phone looks to be much better in the features department and knowing Samsung it should probably the in a similar size, too. And the video calling feature must be excellent since it uses that 5MP camera for it (the camera is located on the hinge so therefore when the phone is opened the camera will apear on the opposite side.

posted on 04 Mar 2008, 21:29

3. Edda (unregistered)

...but it's a copy of the Motorola phone. But, this would be a definate buy if it came in a nice glossy black colour. It's much better than the Moto in the features department and I have to say in looks they are about equal but I'll have to see the final product to compare. Samsung will probably cram it into a small-ish size and in performance it should do the usual high-end Samsung performance (which is a good thing). I wonder what interface it uses though.

posted on 04 Mar 2008, 21:31

4. Lalalolopoo (unregistered)

I wonder what interface(s) it uses. It would be cool if it were the Croix UI in the external display and the Espresso UI in the internal. Good job from Samsung, looks to be their best phone this year (besides the F480 and maybe the U900 Soul and F700).

posted on 04 Mar 2008, 21:34

5. Dan (unregistered)

Durapoo, it donesnt use the 5 mp camera for calling i think. look to the left of the earpeice and you can see a camera (or at least what looks like the video calling cam). The 5mp cam will prob be for self pictures.

posted on 05 Mar 2008, 01:36

6. (unregistered)

if it uses touch interface, it will be the touchwiz! look the preview of the F480 that is available here

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