Samsung FlipShot to be released on the 21st

Samsung FlipShot to be released on the 21st
Verizon is expected to launch the A990 succesor on Wednesday, the 21st. Main differences betweens the FlipShop (U900) and A990 is that it has a automatic powered lens cover, better camera flash, three FlashUI themes, can play MP3 files (not just WMA), and supports 4GB microSD card. The U900 still has the TV-out feature, but you have to buy the cable (not included). The size and weight have also decreased slightly.

The 2 year contract price is $199.

If you wish to see the interactive user manual.



1. VZWguy unregistered

MONDAY the 21st? you sure about that? *looks at calendar*

2. runner4life unregistered

Yes, last time I checked the 21st was on a Wednesday

3. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Didn't Nokia or some other manufacturer make the same kind of design years back? And for those of you who remember, it was an absolute failure. So I don't understand why Verizon would even want to bring this back? Nice phone but hopefully it will gross Dollar 1.

4. unregistered

The Nokia N90 had a vaguely similar design, but was way bigger and way more expensive, in addition to not being subsidized by any carrier.

5. unregistered

Was thinking of getting this phone, just wondering how sturdy that pivot point is? that pivot joint is the only reason i have not bought the phone yet, and I can't find one in my area to play with. Is it similar to the joint on the u740 from samsung, because i was not impressed with that pivot.

6. unregistered

It does say "user comments" Shouldn't we wait untill we even Can Officially make a Comment about it? I mean it's not even out yet. All I can say, being a USER of samsung is that they have great products for the most part. They practically monopolize the electronic industry. Other brands of cell phones, tv's, and yes, even refriderators use parts manufactured by Samsung. They supposedly save the best parts for their products. Plus, I like Verizon. I've tried every major company & verizon is the only one that I've stuck with longer then the first contract end date.

7. Dakahuna unregistered

I just got my Samsung Flipshot and I don't see anything that will protect the lens on this thing. The lens is recessed a bit so the lens is protected when setting it down but as far as dirt, debris or anything that can rub in the lens protection. Phone is great but that sucks as the lens will surely be toast after some normal pocket/wear and tear.

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