Samsung Fascinate launch kits are now being sent out to Verizon stores

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Samsung Fascinate launch kits are now being sent out to Verizon stores
Well into the early portion of the new month, there are probably some Verizon customers who managed to hold off from buying either of the latest DROID models in favor of Samsung's take on Android. Now that it looks as though Verizon stores are beginning to see Samsung Fascinate launch kits, it shouldn't be too long before its inevitable release is here. These kits are specifically being used to train store employees on the unfamiliar TouchWiz 3.0 interface – something that they haven't seen before. So when a curious customer comes along inquiring about the upcoming smartphone, employees will be more than in tune with answering specific question about the handset. Still, its actual launch date is still in debate, but you know that it's only getting one step closer to that all too knowing realization.

Samsung Fascinate Specifications | Hands-on

source: Engadget


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