Samsung DROID Charge launches tomorrow at Verizon

Verizon has officially confirmed that the Samsung DROID Charge will become the second 4G enabled handset for the carrier when the handset finally launches tomorrow...
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31. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

Fuck tests...what's the real world/everyday experience like. That's what really matters. People never cease to amaze me...a phone with some nice specs hasn't even come out yet and it somehow already sucks. It's not like its a Kyocera Echo...

36. StillStuckWithDroid unregistered

LOL at the tardishness.....yeah the industry standard test is useless.....heck why did they bother to develop it?? and if you had bothered to look at several hands on reviews of the phone they commented on the phones lagginess already this phone "specs" would have been "nice" 9 months ago or a year....but now it will be outdated and worthless in a month or two..... but hey....go waste your money on it. DOnt cry like a girl though when it starts lagging all the time....dont say you weren't warned

40. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

wow...ok so you had a hand in apparently building this phone so i guess i should heed your warning. If i have any issues with the phone i'll be sure to personally let you know so you can feel better about your life (that would be if i was actually getting it, been there done that with Android so chances are...i won't be getting this phone). Carried a Fascinate with all of its so-called issues but funny thing is none of those issues never happened to me. Just b/c you are not impressed with the phone doesn't mean its still not a nice phone & the fact that you are unimpressed before having it in your hands is not very credible. some phones you can tell will suck without dealing with it but the Charge doesn't seem to be one of those. "fuck tests" doesn't mean don't test the device. it needs to be tested obviously captain obvious the statement more so referred to not letting someone tell you how something is...see for yourself instead of blindly trusting someone elses opinion b/c of their experience. so everyone who purchases a Charge can 100% expect lag. the secrets out, now starts the decline of Samsung b/c of this...the first EVER phone to lag out of the box. welcome to the world of smartphones. that's what they do from time to time. dual core won't fix this either neither will any future cores...its the nature of the beast. what's a good "cutting edge" phone then, if you don't mind me asking. What kinda car should i buy? what's the best brand of toilet tissue to use? i'm sure you researched it...& you seem so concerned about me wasting my money.

47. StillStuckWithDroid unregistered

ohhhhh someone is a bit sensitive aren't they? Sorry but I dont believe in buying a "top end" phone that is already being questioned as to its performance, before it is even released. Please explain to me how the Thunderbolt scores in the 1700-1850 area with the same specs as the Charge that is only scoring sub 1000? As I stated I am getting better scores with my OGD with Gingerbread and only a reasonable overclock? You don't think that is somewhat concerning? Also most of the reviews I have seen on the Charge have all talked about the lagginess of the device. Have you heard of any real complaints about the Thunderbolt lagging? and no a "top end" device should NOT lag right out of the box.....imagine what it will do once it is loaded up with running apps or live wallpaper? but by all means go spend 300.00 on a "top end" device that is outdated before you even touch it....enjoy "it needs to be tested obviously captain obvious the statement more so referred to not letting someone tell you how something is".........a fine example of a classic

48. gala unregistered

ohh man i've read all this responses and now i dont know what to think...But u seem to know alot!! ..since u seem to know alot, u might also know when is the release date of the galaxy S 2..I barely heard about it.i thought it was coming out but it already has in other places but u have an idea of atleast what month or if is even coming out this year?

32. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

Charge finally coming out, great. Now if the Playstation Network can come back online this would be a good news day for me.

34. Tonny7497 unregistered

go to Costco.. $249.95 for the phone. also, you get free case,car charger and screen protector

35. Joseph Mama unregistered

FYI: When I go to "upgrade my phone" online with the discounted program, VZW is knocking an additional $30 off the price to make it $270. This is BEFORE the New-Every-2 discount (mine is $30, making this phone $240 + tax, shipped).

37. Hooligan unregistered

Went to the VZW store earlier today to check this one out, pretty nice phone when you actually get your hands on it. I was far more impressed with it than I thought I would be. The 4G was really fast here in the Dallas area and I really liked how easy it was to text on the Charge. Not paying $300 for it but under $200 might get my attention. The in store sales guy also told me the Bionic would be out first part of June, told me Big Red was pissed the Atrix on AT&T had more/better features than their version so they had Moto upgrade it a bit and that's what the hold up was for... not holding my breath but an interesting story if it holds out to be true.

38. StillStuckWithDroid unregistered

well that goes against everything all of us have heard so far about the Bionic so I am pretty much think your In Store guy was a moron the Bionic is the Targa now.....the Etna was plagued with power issues and was scrapped it wont be out till July AT BEST

44. bio unregistered

ahhhhh man!! rlly????? i thought i seen that but som ppl said bionic was still coming out :( sooo the Targa??is it worth waitin for??does it look the sameee??is it better?or the same

43. bio unregistered

ohh mannn this is some awesome newss !!! im so not changin to sprint! screww that, scree the cheaper price with sprint!! im stayin for the bionic!!
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