Samsung B’Phone for Sprint fans of Beyonce

Samsung B’Phone for Sprint fans of Beyonce
Today Samsung announced the B’Phone for Sprint, a limited edition of the UpStage in burgundy and gold colors, preloaded with Beyonce content. The phone will be available for purchase through Sprint and Wal-Mart on November 4. Consumers who purchase the B'Phone will receive access to load video and music content from including exclusive Beyoncé photo gallery and videos, as well as a childhood song from Beyoncé at age 10.

Samsung B'Phone Specifications

source: Samsung



1. STARR unregistered

I am soooo happy i am the first to comment...first i'm a huge fan...besides that i'm happy she has furthered her endorsements. Its a very nice phone...great features..and most of all it has a old time video from B at a younger age!!! cute???!!!..... Beyonce' is just A GOOD LOOK her man says..."wat more can i say"....

22. bfan unregistered

me too i loveeeee her but i cant seem to find da phone but again im still getttin it hahaha beyonce is my ♥ lollll

2. Octavia Mcmahon unregistered

oh my gosh beyonce i absolutely lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee you i have dereon clothes all over i have your perfume star and im going to get that b phone on vovember 5 i cant wait i know its 4th but i will have to get it on the 5th i love you beyonce i have your poster and images and i even have your image as a desktop. i was going to get another cell (sidekick) but ive just viewed that commercial which is hot ang im getting a b phoine love you. your number 1 fan!!!!!!!!

3. octavia mcmahon unregistered


4. karen unregistered

hey everybody i love beyonce so much, i don't thing no one love her like i do, anyway i will have a samsang beyonce phone only because it is her phone as a big fan i must have it by the grace of god..............haha love u 'B'

5. unregistered

Beyonce im so glad that u and Sprint have teamed up im am your number one fan Thank you so much My Muah

6. Absolute #1 fan unregistered

First of all im her # 1 fan and plus I loveeeeeeeeee u Beyonce i was at your Charlotte concert on July the 29 in the 4th row with my b f f

18. michaelpschiraldi unregistered

Yeah Right! I'm Beyonce biggest fan and you have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. unregistered

we love beyonce just like you!!!!!!!!

8. sable unregistered

beyonce i love your music you are my favorite singer i hope you just keep doing what you do best. know one loves you like i do even if i am a girl you are still my favorite singer you are now and you will always be

9. unregistered

Hey B... Iam a big fan of yours i love your music and your style... If i could see you in real life i would act like you are a normal person cause usually people act aw crazy when they see famous people.... I love to sing your song Listen... When i get 18 i plan on goin on American idol and sing it and hopefully you will be watching and enjoy me singing it.... I love you B

10. KendraCobb unregistered

can you email me about your new phone and can you take pictures on it so you can email at this email Love kendra number 1 fan

11. i got your new phone unregistered

i got your new phone and i enjoy it so much! thanks for making it!

12. Kalia unregistered

Ok i just got the bphone today...and I cant find out how to get the exclusive content. I even calld sprint and they didnt know.... anyone who has the phone, can yu tell me how to get it? Email is

13. Gary_B unregistered

It's an amazing phone!! But i don't like these colors!! wish there was the black!! anyway I'm #1 fan of B' and as you see my nickname is Gary_B which means Gary(me) and B'

14. holly unregistered

omg i want ur phone sooo bad i have been listeneing ever since u and destinys child sang together and i loveee u sooo much ur such a great insperation on girls my age about 12 year olds lolz but i am going to buy ur b phone cuzzzz i lovee it u rock beyonce keep up the great work and hopefully soon u can get a color in pink and black that would b super sweet well [plzzzzzzz get back at me at and im going to get ur phone thnx muah much support xoxo holly

15. slin unregistered

LiFe is So Sad!I live In France and in france there is ANY "B pHone"!I've Saw All thE WeBsIte about the B phone but anyone sale it!it's sad so sad!

16. jaida unregistered

i luv it! It is so cute i am going to get it and i am going to be rocking it and it is going to be on and poppin when i get it!!!!!!!!!!!! ps-luv it b

17. unregistered

Can you still purchase the B phone by Samsung for Sprint Users?

19. abby unregistered

i am like just about to get it i am so siked and i mean seriously what hasn't beyonce done??!!! she has done everything and never messes up! i love beyonce!!!!!

20. tya unregistered

i wish i could buy B'Phone in Indonesia.... :( why is it only available in US??? i'm sure it's gonna be sold out all over the world!!! 'cause Beyonce's fans are everywhere.....!!!! please, Samsung.....

21. miabia unregistered

I am not a fan of Beyonce i just like the phone it would be even cuter if her name was not on it

23. Lady D unregistered

The phone is burning hot and the name is a turn of for me would have been better if they wrote B, Love you BEYONCE

24. HI unregistered


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