Samsung A127 for AT&T is clamshell on budget

Samsung A127 for AT&T is clamshell on budget
At its site, Samsung is showing the SGH-A127 budget clamshell for AT&T. We will make it clear- there is nothing spectacular about this phone. It looks as the E715 from 2004 and doesn’t offer more options. It is simple dual-band (US only) GSM/GPRS (not only lacks HSDPA and UMTS but also EDGE!) with integrated antenna, small color internal display and B&W external one and VGA camera. *Update* The A127 is now available for $79.99 as a GoPhone



1. that guy unregistered

What is AT&T thinking? Coming out with a phone like this? Its nowhere near as good as Verizon Wirless' Blackberry 8830 Global phone, analog rules, Jees everybody knows that its going to become the best thing in the whole entire universe, doesn't AT&T get it? Don't they know that ALL customers want to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that has way more features than they could ever need? Ha, I think Im going to switch my carriers now, this is like totally horrible, Thanks AT&T....

2. AtomicRanch unregistered

The phone is actually setup for AT&T prepaid service and retails for only $80. Plus, it's a LOT smaller than the E715... not a bad deal if you're on Pay As You Go or need a cheap backup phone.

3. BIZ unregistered

yea this phone is proly gonna be a prepaid fone cuz they wuldnt offer this in their regular line of fones cuz its too cheap most kids now days kno more bout fones than their parents so obviously they wouldnt want this fone they most likely get sumthin wit a music player

4. thatgirl unregistered

I actually just switched from a pre-paid Motorola GoPhone with AT&T because the Motorola was lousy. This phone is just as good in quality as my first pre-paid phone for which I paid over $100 - and all it did was make and receive calls. Sound is very good, much better than the old Motorola. Camera quality is sufficient for my use but obviously not the best quality. All in all, well worth the money and for $100 a year I have a great backup phone for use while in my car or otherwise away from my home phone.

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