SRS TruVoice to help you sound clearer in noisy locations

SRS TruVoice to help you sound clearer in noisy locations
When most people think of "SRS" they commonly think of surround-sound for home and car audio. SRS Labs is hoping to change that with the announcement of their new TruVoice technology, specifically designed for the mobile phone market. TruVoice works by enhancing voice clarity and tonal quality, especially in noisy conditions. When you are in an area with loud ambient noise, TruVoice will sharpen the spoken voice and enhance theoverall volume gain in real-time, improving voiceintelligibility so the other caller can better understand what you are saying. Features include improved voice intelligibility, active ambient noise management, and enhanced volume gain of callers voice in real-time. SRS TruVoice is available for licensing to all mobile device manufactures, so look for it on new phones out later this year.

source: SRSLabs


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