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Rumor: new 'Canary'' Motorola RAZR

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team

Rumor: new 'Canary'' Motorola RAZR

Rumors and some fuzzy pictures just appeard on what Belgalboy.com calls new “canary” Motorola phone. It is a GSM phone with clamshell design and glossy surface, as the one that PEBL had when it was announced. BengalBoy writes that it has a “glass” finish similar to the one used in the Motorola H5 MiniBlue headset. Supposedly the the new device has 1.3-megapixel camera and microSD slot and Bluetooth. If real, it might be the "RAZR 2" or it might be a higher end device, designed to compete with “elite” phones like Nokia 8800, and not enter into competition with the Motorola V3i or other RAZR phones.

Rumor: new 'Canary'' Motorola RAZR
The new canary glass Motorola phone

We'll keep you informed when more information is becomes available.

BengalBoy, via Engadget

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