Rogers to launch a UMA service

Rogers to launch a UMA service
The Canadian wireless provider Rogers might launch a UMA service on May 6. According to the source, the service will be called Rogers Home Calling Zone and at first, it will be available for non-business customers. The first devices compatible with the service will most likely be the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and a lower-end Nokia model. The expected price for the WiFi/UMA access is $15 per month for local unlimited calling and $20 per month for unlimited long distance (within Canada), combined with "competitive" international long distance rates. Another Canadian carrier, Fido is said to also be getting a similar service, in the same timeframe.

source: CrackBerry via EngadgetMobile



1. watch out! unregistered

Canada is invading!

2. Yeah Boy unregistered

Dude we're dead!!! AHhhhhhh...hehe..haha.....VERIZON RULESSSSSZZZZZ =P

3. Pro Canadian unregistered

Go Canada, Go!!!

4. T-Money3000 unregistered

Ahh.. Canada. USA's hat

5. Unlimited Guy unregistered

Rogers should announced a unlimited plan at max $50/ month, including unlimited data!

6. Canadian unregistered

For 9423875934 time canadians got it first :D

7. unregistered

Rogers owns Fido! Same company.

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