Rogers Wireless to have HTC Shift and BB 8120 ?

Rogers Wireless to have HTC Shift and BB 8120 ?
Today a rumor appeared on pointing out that Rogers Wireless in Canada will be carrying HTC Shift and the Wi-Fi capable version of Blackberry Pearl 8120. The claimed prices are 1.725$ for the Shift and 475$ for the 8120 with 3 year contract. It’s good to see that the Canadians will be getting the Shift, which is a device with impressive specs, but unfortunately its sim card is only used for data and messaging.

via: MobileinCanada



1. bear unregistered

1.725$ what a steal! lol

2. Zak unregistered

Yea a steal until you view your data charges bill

3. absolut_ian

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You know, Mobile In Canada is good for new in Canada, but they have the worst grammar and spelling I've seen (and I'm giving them a fair amount of slack since their obviously a Quebecois based site, so english isnt their first language). It's going for $1,725 and will be sold at data card rates, no the rates shared by Windows Mobile devices. MOBILE IN CANADA.....RE-READ YOUR ARTICLES AND GRAMMAR BEFORE UPLOADING THE STORY!!!!!!!!

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