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Rhapsody app advertisement shows HTC HD2 with Android

This article contains unofficial information.

Rhapsody app advertisement shows HTC HD2 with Android
Call it a case of mistaken identity, but an email sent out to individuals who were “selected” for beta testing of the Rhapsody Android app showcased two definite Android powered handsets with one that’s known to have Windows Mobile. The lineup for the advertisement included the Motorola DROID, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, and the distinct looks of the HTC HD2 – although it’s unclear why its screen is showing off the Android app. It’s speculated to be a really bad Photoshop job where someone could’ve mistaken it for HTC’s other premier offering in the Nexus One. Although it’s very unlikely to see an Android powered HTC HD2 right now, it’s always a possibility as we’ve seen the older HTC Touch HD running it. Or maybe this might have some underlying insights into what can happen down the road?

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source: TmoNews

Rhapsody app advertisement shows HTC HD2 with Android

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:44

1. saneok (Posts: 78; Member since: 01 Oct 2009)

nah, I thin I can see the start button at the top. calm down guys, nothing to get too excited about...

posted on 17 Jan 2010, 14:51

2. rbz275 (Posts: 37; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

hah wow, you're right. It looks like the winmo status bar, then the android status bar, then the app. So, whoever photoshopped it used the wrong handset... but somehow left the status bar since this is an ad for the android app.

posted on 17 Jan 2010, 16:31

3. SamTime (Posts: 253; Member since: 07 Nov 2009)

Stupid speculation. WTF

posted on 17 Jan 2010, 17:18

4. theGodpapa (Posts: 181; Member since: 15 Dec 2009)

I love the Rhapsody app for my droid, got a beta invite and absolutely loving it. I hated it for my storm because it required me to wipe out the entire phone music catalog once a month due to license refresh problems, but this is OTA and PC based, 3 phones on one acct for 15 bucks as usual and the rhapsody OTA radio is amazing. Great app!

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