Report: Samsung to issue a recall for the Galaxy Note 7; defective battery is to blame?

How quickly has the sky fallen on Samsung? Two weeks ago, the company was basking in the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch, which was reflected a few days later by the company's stock making an all-time high. Demand for the phone was crushing supply, and it appeared that Samsung was about to continue the momentum it earned earlier this year with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge...
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45. Hallyu

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Why can't China have a fair competition? Samsung creates jobs for your nationals. We provide technical support to your engineers, teach them how to make a quality product. But look at what they have to repay us. China has ordered to cancel Exo performance, stop all Korean TV programs in respond to the deployment of THAAD in Korea. I just want to tell you that we don't give a damn about it because it's our country and we can do whatever we wish to in our land. China is at a big lost.

49. Plasticsh1t

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You need to go outside more often.

72. Subie

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Who says the Note 7 batteries were assembled in China? Please provide the link.

6. Unordinary unregistered

This one is going down in the books for years to come on PA I bet....

11. NoToFanboys

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it will be forever engraved in the minds of Apple trolls, just like the way bendgate and atennagate is engraved in the minds of Android trolls.

27. Unordinary unregistered


35. NoToFanboys

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One troll just bookmarked this for future use, see above.

10. Arch_Fiend

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If I had a N7 I would just quit using it at this point.

12. sissy246

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15. kiko007

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..........Okay? Wait, are you using the death of a person as evidence in an argument about phones? Is this how far humanity has fallen? *Ends melodramatic commentary

22. sissy246

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Look let me make it clear, it is awful this happened to that person and the family.

25. sissy246

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This comment by Alan is why I posted thathis. "The difference between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy Note 7 is that the latter's problem could be life threatening"

26. kiko007

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Alright. Thanks for the clarification.

32. sissy246

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Not the best articles to use but between a bad day and reading all the post about this and people acting like it never happens to apple just got to me. Guess it's time for bed. Sorry that it upset you. It's almost 2:30am here so off to bed

29. sissy246

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Oops hit post before I was done. Also showing a few of the isheep that are blind to apple that this bad stuff has happened to apple roo, not just samsung. Yes I will defend Samsung just like sheep defend apple.

42. Jimrod

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So what's the derogatory term for a Samsung fanboy, since Apple users are ALWAYS labelled Sheep (or, hilariously, "iSheep")? You say your behaviour is the same as the "sheep" so people such as yourself should also have some kind of negative moniker; Fandroid is too general, Samsheep would be the equivalent but lacks originality, any ideas?

20. hillaryisacriminal

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stupid samsung sheep are trying hard to defend their explosive and expensive 850$ grenade 7. instead of gear vr samsung from now on must provide them a compact fire extinguisher as a freebie gift.

17. hillaryisacriminal

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#laggate #cheapqualityparts #childlabourgate #governmentofficialbribegate #burnoledgate #scratchgate #pengate #poorqualityspeakergate (s7,s7 edge and note 7 only ) #homebuttonscratchgate (affecting all samsung crappy devices) #oversharpened cameragate #snapdragongate #explosivegate #patent infringementgate #noupdatesgate #BADAabandongate

19. NoToFanboys

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#trollgate #copypastegate #drumpfsupportergate #someoneshovedasamsungphoneinmyanusgate

38. maple_mak

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#annoyinggate #keyboardwarriorgate #hatergate #enviousgate

61. tedkord

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#note7isthebestphone combined with #Trumpwillneverbepresident gives you a bad case of #rumpagony

77. M.O.A.B

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Good boy, now go get your cookie, you deserve it

18. Fona13A unregistered

Give it up to Alan for posting yet another detritus of recycled information...

78. Fona13A unregistered

For the record I'm not "defending" Samsung it's just we don't need ten articles about the same problem when it can be condensed to two or three...

21. vliang86

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I almost ended up buying a Note 7 (upgrading from S7 edge). After watching Note 7 vs iPhone 6S speed test and Note 7 exploding, I'm going to buy the iPhone 7 Plus instead.

24. kiko007

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This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion honestly. If you want a Note 7 still, I say get it. What are the chances of getting a defective unit? Pretty slim I'd imagine. I was personally going for the 7 Plus anyhow, but I wouldn't let this sway my choice all that much :D.

31. Damnflies

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Samsung will announce the findings and solution in less than two hours.

44. pongkie

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no i dont have a backup phone anymore

47. Elfmonster unregistered

Years ago, I was driving home when my Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket overheated but didn't blow up. Battery was 100% fried. But fortunately the S II let me open the back and replace the bad battery. I still have that phone in a box. Now and then I turn it on and marvel at how good it was and still is, considering. That's the Samsung I fell in love with, not this current Samsung Corp. Lg v20 here I come.

48. Hoggington

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