Rejoice, 16GB memory cards due out in October

Rejoice, 16GB memory cards due out in October
Is your phone's 8GB removable memory card almost full and you're not sure what to do? If so, the wait is almost over as SanDisk officially announced their upcoming release of 16GB memory cards. Beginning in October, BestBuy will begin selling 16GB microSDHC and M2 cards for $99.99 and 129.99, followed by Verizon selling the 16GB microSDHC card in November. If your phone currently supports 8GB microSDHC cards, there is a good chance the 16GB will work, but may require a software update depending on the manufacture.  The M2 (Memory Stick Micro) version is only for Sony Ericsson models. But if you're holding out for the 32GB cards, you'll probably be waiting until Q4 2009.

source: SanDisk

*UPDATE* For our UK readers, we got a tip that the 16GB microSDHC card is already for sale and for the U.S. it's also listed at for $109.99



1. David The Gom unregistered

Oh.... My.... God.... i thought my 8gb was already big in storage size, and i almost filled it up, and they're coming out with 16 gb? what a good world we're living in... LOL

2. unregistered

Yes, the Stock Market can drop 777 points, but you can get a 16GB memory card for $100.

3. unregistered

straying off of topic here... but i had to respond... yes, the stock market dropped 777 points today, but thats not in the worst top 10 for percentage drops historically speaking... the market has gotten so huge, that this is definitely a blow... its people like you that will continue to make the market plunge, because you think this is the worst day in the world...

6. unregistered

You're absolutely right.......that WAS off topic.

4. unregistered

Now just give us a fully internal WiFi card and I'll be happy :)

5. unregistered

u must have really bad internet on ur fone to want wifi. way too many ppl jacking ur stuff via wifi mate...

7. unregistered

yes but will all the newly released phones having said 8 gigs is the largest they can carry be able to operate these cards?

8. unregistered

I heard they are working in a 32 GB right now... I mean I'm already surprised with the 16 GB, I just bough an 8 GB, I think I should've waited -_-

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