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Razer Phone 2 Hands-On: The gaming daily driver becomes more drivable

Gaming company Razer is back for round two. Introducing the Razer Phone 2 – the second smartphone ever with true 120Hz refresh rates, second only to the original Razer Phone. With monster silicon inside, a completely new camera experience, and some pretty cool new design elements, the Razer Phone 2 still manages to sell for just $799. Let's dive in for its first hands-on look!
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64GB? That's not enough if you're really into games. I don't think you can load it into your micro sd card.


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True. According to their website, they have a 128GB version with a rugged satin finish coming out at a later date.


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Yeah, I agree with you all. The storage seems disappointing, seeing as to it being billed as a gamer oriented phone


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I like it


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If I'm into mobile gaming stuff, I'll pick ROGphone over this. It's $100 more, but ROG phone got bigger screen and with 128GB storage at base model.


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There's a 128gb version releasing later may want to wait and compare the two and don't forget the Mate 20X which is Huawei's gaming phone may want to wait and see that one.


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You tech sites are so double standard it's crazy, now not long ago you guys were bashing on Sony for it's design and bezels talking about they need to change and step into modern times. Yet it's acceptable for Razer to come to the table with the same exact design and huge bezels, aren't you supposed to give credit where it's due and not hold biases?