Radioshack slashes netbook price to $79.99

Radioshack drops netbook price to $79.99
The price wars between netbooks have loomed large for some time now and Radioshack has taken the first step by slashing the price of their Acer netbook from $99.99 to $79.99. Industry analysts expect a boom in netbook sales, due to their innate sleek and compact form factor. Wireless carriers have teamed up to entice customers with subsidized pricing on two-year plans. At $60.00 per month, carriers will still be making huge profits out of these. Although the choice is only limited to a single Acer model as of now, you can at least take a pick and get a blue or pink colored unit. As sales take off, more players will appear and try to have a bite. Of course, increased competition will only benefit consumers, so fingers crossed, we hope we soon get more offers to choose from.

source: Radioshack via Engadget

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