RIM will release Widget SDK for developers

RIM will release Widget SDK for developers
RIM has announced the future release of an SDK (Software Development Kit) designed for all developers of applications for the BlackBerry platform that will allow them to create web-based widgets. The BlackBerry browser engine will take care about rendering, while developers will be able to take advantage of the functions and services delivered by the operating system. RIM goes on saying that widgets will be permitted to read device files and utilize the manufacturer´s proprietary push technology. 

More details on BlackBerry Widget SDK will become known at the upcoming conference for RIM developers that takes place 9-12 November in San Francisco.

source: Marketwire


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1. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Is there a preview of what the widgets are? I didn't know that blackberries had widgets at all, just applications? Would this be similar to the Samsung TouchWIZ and HTC TF/Sense icons, and S/E's Card Panel widgets? I am on a work computer and cannot see pictures or videos, only text. This is interesting to be becuase it opens up a whole new wave of development. If anyone can elaborate please do.

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