RIM BlackBerry 8820 gets WiFi

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RIM BlackBerry 8820 gets WiFi
The guys from EngadgetMobile were lucky to get their hands on the first BlackBerry phone with built-in WiFi, numbered the 8820. It means that it can connect to local wireless networks and use the internet connection from them. There is not much information about the 8820, but it seems to be similar size to the 8800, also featuring landscape display and QWERTY keyboard. It also lacks camera, but no word on memory slot.

The software shows the AT&T branding but as there is none on the housing, we are not sure which will be the first carrier to offer it. The BlackBerry 8820 is still not officially announced. Click on the source for more photos.

Source: EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

I have wifi in my house so it will be very cool

2. Verizon Retailer unregistered

To quote: "I have wifi in my house so it will be very cool..." ...so rather then use my computer when i am home i can grab my trusty crackberry and browse with its tiny screen screen Function layer keyboard.

3. Pfffffttt unregistered

Not everyone wants to wake their desktop to check their email or the news.... OR pay for connection data rates, hmmmm?

4. joe unregistered

The WiFi feature will be great for reception quality of voice calls, not only to surf the web.

5. unregistered

no word yet on memory card??? but the back view of the unit says microSD on it

6. unregistered

so i'm a bit confused with wi-fi on the phones. does that mean internet can be accessed through a wi-fi network, and we won't have to pay for data rates?

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