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Quantum pressure-sensitive touchscreens coming soon

Quantum pressure-sensitive touchscreens coming soon
We've all heard of quantum-computing, but what about quantum pressure-sensitive touchscreens? The brains at UK-based Peratech have been working on just that. By using a 75 micrometer quantum tunneling composite (QTC), the screen only needs the slightest touch, about 2 micrometers, to register a change. Furthermore, it can register different amounts of that it would be possible for a soft touch to perform one task on a device, while a firmer touch does something else. It is also quite energy efficient and requires no power when its not being pressed upon. Currently, the Japanese display maker Nissha is has purchased a licensing agreement and plans to use this technology in their products as early as April. Though there's no word on when cell phones will get this new type of display, it might give capacitive touchscreens some new competition.

source: TechnologyReview via Engadget


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