Q&A Ep 23: Selfie phones, Android L vs iOS 8, and more

PhoneArena is at it again, with the 23rd episode of our Q&A series. This time, our topics of questioning and answering include the recent "Selfie phone" by Sony, as well as the upcoming rivalry between Android L and iOS 8.

Be sure to post your questions below for next time!



1. engineer-1701d unregistered

There are phone with 8mp front face camera

2. Ashoaib

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Ray, there is a lot of discussion about android's custom ROMs... for example, CM rom is getting a very wide fame out side of google's eco system... I would like to know if we install CM rom or paranoid rom on galaxy note 4, do we loose the functionality of S-pen? and what about multi window, split screen features of TW? dual shot, dual recording? do we loose all these great features of TW? or is there any way to keep all these goodness intact while installing custom rom? Or is there a way to reinstall original touch wiz back incase if you want to? moreover, which android custom rom provides the best multimedia experience?

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