Put a little Ice Cream Sandwich flavor into your Windows box

Put a little Ice Cream Sandwich flavor into your Windows box
If you are just enamored with the look of Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone and would love to rock that same look on your Windows box, you’re not alone. Flickr user David Molina posted a picture of a custom desktop he put together that is a nice replicate of the Ice Cream Sandwich look in a Windows environment.

The final product is a culmination of quite a few elements, but well worth the effort. The other advantage is that you can use as many or as few of the parts of this setup as you like.

The folks over at LifeHacker did a great job parting everything out with links, so if you're looking to recreate this masterpiece on your PC, head on over to their list to start downloading.

source: LifeHacker & Flickr



1. LoneShaolin

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SICK!!! But, Aqua? WTF?!

2. clevername

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3. buggerrer

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4. clevername

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... no

5. 7thspaceman

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A lot of people donot like! the way Windows metro smart tiles look so I offer this great suggestion to Microsoft to make the new Windows smart phones and Windows 8 devices look better to people and even save windows phones battery life. make it so that THE LOCK SCREEN which the USER can make look anyway they WANT! be the default screen that window 8 computers/ Laptops and window's smart phones stay on when you are not using an APP. To access the smart tiles screen the User would press the start button and the windows smart phones would update the smart tiles info and the user picks an app or smart tile to use. after the user finishes using an App or Apps. the window 8 Computer/laptops or Windows smart phones goes back to the Beautiful lock screen they picked for their personal screen the device looks the way the user wants. now another feature is if the User does not use an App or apps for so many minutes that the user choses then the Windows 8 Computer/laptop or windows smart phones automatically goes back to the users pretty lock screen. To resume using the App or Apps the user taps/presses/selects the windows start button. If some Microsoft Personnel thinks that then can done let me know because a lot of People think metro tiles are ugly. They look alright to me and other folks. this suggestion makes the metro tile system easier to live with.

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