Public Relations experts say Apple should order iPhone 4 recall

With Consumer Reports refusing to rate the iPhone 4 until it is "fixed", PR experts feel that this will force Apple to recall the new model...
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27. messiah

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When Consumer Reports: 1) Suggests using duct tape on your brand new 700$ phone to maintain the signal, 2) Holds firm in its position as to NOT rate the product until it is FIXED, You have sold a crap product. consumer reports statement and video. cle-a_12364.html APPLE fights back and removes the Consumer Reports threads without a statement, only fueling the delemma a_12366.html Android will be in 120 different brands and phones by the end of Q3 2010. and the worst thing i heard is that on the Nexus , the paint chips. $80,000 cars chip too, dingbats. obviously an apple fanboy was throwing his buddy's nexus out a window... and all it got was chips, still getting reception. :P CONSUMER REPORTS FIRES BACK WITH ORDERS TO RECALL icle-a_12380.html
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