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Project for the Motorola XOOM has begun, will last through the weekend

0. phoneArena posted on 12 Jan 2012, 20:51

Motorola has been preparing owners of the Wi-Fi only and 4G LTE versions of the Motorola XOOM to expect a project to come in the form of an update to their tablet; now, an email has been sent from Motorola saying that the project will start this evening and run through the weekend...

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posted on 12 Jan 2012, 21:22

1. OmarF82 (Posts: 17; Member since: 09 Jan 2012)

Yeah! Suuuuuuuure... LOL

posted on 12 Jan 2012, 21:26

2. imkyle (Posts: 1084; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Lets hope.

posted on 12 Jan 2012, 21:49

3. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

What it could be that needs to be such a secret..... this may not be just an update something is cooking

posted on 12 Jan 2012, 21:55

4. Cwebb (Posts: 501; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

Meh. I already got ICS on my 3vo, I'm a happy camper :D

posted on 13 Jan 2012, 02:09

5. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

This device got an award at ces last year but in reality this is total crap compared with other honeycomb tablets and it's even more expensive than an iPad ? WTF ? Hope this won't happen to the Lumia 900

posted on 13 Jan 2012, 03:32

6. Jimstar (Posts: 259; Member since: 24 Oct 2011)

Too expensive when it was new? Definitely. Crap compared to other 1st generation honeycomb tablets? Definitely not.

posted on 13 Jan 2012, 03:54

7. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

Erm the transformer do the same thing and it's more sexy plus it's cheaper . Not to mention the a500

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