Prices to get cut at Verizon Wireless?

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Prices to get cut at Verizon Wireless?
If the rumors are true, the suits at Verizon are going to take a cleaver and start chopping away at price tags for certain handsets and modems. Possibly as soon as today, certain devices from Motorola, RIM, Samsung, Casio and LG will have their mail-in-rebate rise from $50 to $70. According to sources, the models involved include some recently introduced phones like the BlackBerry Storm, the Motorola Krave ZN4 and the Samsung U810 Renown. The list also includes two Verizon Wireless EV-DO Rev. A wireless modem cards, the Pc5750 and the Um175. The current rebate sheet for Big Red expires after January 31st. So if you have been thinking about picking up a new cellphone at Verizon, perhaps even the Storm, you might find yourself spending $20 less than you were thinking. Now what will you do with that $20?

source: BGR


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