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Pre-order the Motorola Moto G today from Amazon; phone ships on December 4th

0. phoneArena posted on 29 Nov 2013, 17:46

The Motorola Moto G is the Android response to the immensely successful Nokia Lumia 520/521. Actually, the Motorola handset is even more highly spec'd than the Nokia branded model is, with its 4.5 inch LCD screen offering a 720 x1280 resolution and a very decent pixel density of 329ppi. And the quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU is enough horsepower for a phone that costs all of $179.99 for the 8GB version and $199.99 for the 16GB model...

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posted on 29 Nov 2013, 17:58 1

1. quyenqchau0813 (unregistered)

I thought the US version is supposed to be compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile becasue it carries AWS bands for T-Mobile.
Which version is Amazon selling?
Be aware guys!

posted on 29 Nov 2013, 18:03

2. Doakie (Posts: 2227; Member since: 06 May 2009)

This is absolute crap. I ordered two Moto Gs from Motorola the day they came out and I got a shipping date of Dec 9. Which is later than this Amazon deals shipping date.

This reminds me of the eBay daily deal yesterday on a 32 GB Nexus 5, they had 400 in stock while the Play Store website says it'll be 3 weeks before they ship. How do these retailers get so much stock when the people ordering through official channels have to wait?

posted on 29 Nov 2013, 18:30 1

3. Commentator (Posts: 3722; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

They probably have contracts with Google or something. If Amazon orders 1,000 units, Google can't just be like "hey, I know you ordered those phones and everything, but you'll have to wait a few weeks because we need them now."

As if Amazon isn't an "official channel"...

posted on 29 Nov 2013, 21:40

4. Doakie (Posts: 2227; Member since: 06 May 2009)

Okay. You're right. I'm over reacting. Thanks for putting me in check.

posted on 29 Nov 2013, 22:28

5. scrumb (Posts: 2; Member since: 05 Aug 2013)

These are the Global models. It would be nice if the Android sites putting up stories about these being available on Amazon would clarify that. The reason your phones (and mine) aren't shipping until December 9th is because that's ALWAYS been the ship date for the US model. All the sites that were reporting "Shipping December 2nd" were only reporting the ship date for the Global model (ie - the ones being sold on Amazon). I ordered my US model for T-Mobile direct from Motorola on November 26th, and it's always had a December 9th ship date.

posted on 30 Nov 2013, 02:19

6. RedFox (Posts: 18; Member since: 25 Jun 2012)

you seems to be aware of more details than me , me cousin lives in the us and he's coming home on 15/12 , do u think if I ask him to order the 16 gb global model , he will receive it before 15/12 ?

posted on 30 Nov 2013, 16:09

10. trustory (Posts: 132; Member since: 23 Jan 2013)

global cant be used in the us because of different cellular bands

posted on 30 Nov 2013, 06:13

7. sunilh121 (Posts: 11; Member since: 26 Nov 2013)

Tesco is Cheaper- £130 (16GB) :) but only on Tesco mobile

posted on 30 Nov 2013, 07:45

8. jjong2 (Posts: 5; Member since: 23 Oct 2013)

says its outta stock ... ?

posted on 30 Nov 2013, 11:11

9. sunilh121 (Posts: 11; Member since: 26 Nov 2013)

yep. wait offer is until march 2014. or buy 8gb is available

posted on 02 Dec 2013, 05:36

11. AhmadAlsayegh (Posts: 310; Member since: 18 Jul 2011)

I got this phone from handtech, I am impressed...for a guy with small hands, it has better dimensions than my Lumia820 for my hand, I like one hand phones, and this one fits this category, but I still feed the 820 has a better build

posted on 25 Apr 2014, 11:52

12. haure (Posts: 1; Member since: 25 Apr 2014)

I am in india.
I want to buy Global unlocked GSM moto G from amazon.com.
Anyone knows what is shipping cost ?

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