Prada II specs hit the rumor mill

Prada II specs hit the rumor mill
BGR has gone and got himself some exclusive info on the LG Prada II. The touchscreen will be accompanied by a slide-out keyboard this time, as well as a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, Wi-Fi and a motion sensor. It's looking to be quad-band edge, but only dual band (850/2100MHz) HSDPA so 1900MHz 3G users will be left out. Of course, this is just leaked pre-production info so everything is subject to change.

source: BGR



1. mkl4466 unregistered

Wow. Looks pretty awesome. It took how many years for us to go from the Prada to the Dare? Please LG don't make VZW wait as long this time around. Convert this one to CDMA within a year or two? My drool over this phone is frying my keyboard. I guess now I need a Casio Gz'one waterproof laptop.

2. j0esm00 unregistered

last time I saw prices on this phone was so outragous that it would stop that drool but nice phone still

3. anonymous24 unregistered

nice Phone come on please bring to VZ soon!!!

4. unregistered

what network will this be coming out on again?

5. vzw fan boy unregistered

i like this phone, it looks better than the diamond....because maybe we like verizon. and verizon dominates at&t...verizon has more coverage in 3g than tmobile has in voice coverage.. lol haha

16. unregistered

I don't really understand. It sounds like you are saying that Verizon is getting the phone because people like Verizon. If that's what you think then Im sorry to say that's Not the way it works out. And I higly doubt that verizozn will be geting this phone soon. Right now the 9700 (the dare) is out and verion is working on releasing the 9600. Why are they going backwards?

18. unregistered

what iis it with you people and the stupid # they r just names thay mean nothing about the phone its self what if that make a vx1 and it is auesome what r u going to say now # man

21. unregistered

Learn2realize that T-Mobile has coverage in more than just one country, and by the way, the USA is in the prehistoric age when it comes to phones.

24. unregistered

VX1 came out already

6. unregistered

theres no point in begging. Im sure big red is doing what it can to convince LG to convert it to CDMA. With us bein so large now, they may do it quicker.. hopefully!

7. unregistered

you verizon wireless sales reps need to go get bent. go iPhone. att!!

8. unregistered

att sucks. end of story.

23. unregistered

You're end of story!

9. vzw fan boy unregistered

haha lol. i agree. now if you go to verizons coverage map on their website it shows a map where u can compare att 3g coverage compared to verizons. att doesnt suck all the way, however there are some (a few) places where att gets service where verizon doesnt. i heart verizon

10. stuntz unregistered

oh so vzw will gets this in about 4 years from now, as what the dare 2?

11. unregistered

Not the Dare 2... it's going to be the Double Dare

12. unregistered

That was absolutely, incredibly, unbelieveably.... cheesy

15. unregistered

Someone is jealous they didn't get to post it first

17. unregistered

Haha and VZW will probably name it that anyway lol

20. unregistered

hahah! it made me laugh!

13. unregistered

Preporterous how an article about a rumored phone has so many hate comments on phone carriers.

14. unregistered

You know what else is preposterous? Comments like "Preporterous how an article about a rumored phone has so many hate comments on phone carriers." Every board has hate comments on carriers. At this point, I have come to expect it, as it is the norm.

19. unregistered

go anonymous@sep 06th 2008 07:26 pm dude

22. unregistered

I, for one, enjoy watching fanboys bash each other for no intelligent reason. It is like watching two bums wrestle over a piece of cheese.

28. unregistered

Fanboy? There's originality (not to mention you used it out of context, #14 or myself weren't defending anything). What are you going to use in your next reply? Epic failure? This is America... I do not need an intelligent reason to bash someone ;] BTW, what do you call your reply? I would say an attempt at bashing... a very poor, unintelligent attempt at that. So I guess you have become one of the bums wrestling for cheese.

30. unregistered

lol @ u

25. jrcrow unregistered

I still think the Diamond Pro is better looking and sharper a well as a device.

26. RS unregistered

wait a minute (850/2100 mhz) HSDPA , isnt that At&t? So why is Verizon even in this discussion.

27. unregistered

Because people are dumb. Just because it's an LG they all think VZW is going to get it. They have no lives.

29. unregistered

The Prada phone came out way before the Dare, so now that the Prada II is being released, it's a logical assumption that VZW will get a similar device down the line... but people are hoping it doesn't take as long this time.

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