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Portrait QWERTY? Multi-touch QWERTY input? Not working on it, says Nokia

0. phoneArena posted on 09 Dec 2010, 09:52

Nokia N8 was supposed to be Nokia's second coming, bringing multi-touch to the Symbian world along with a handful of other features. But what you would surprisingly find missing from the package was the portrait QWERTY keyboard…

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posted on 09 Dec 2010, 10:49

1. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 872; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

Right, and what was said at the Symbian Conference was just a bunch of BS to make people happy for a few days. I have my doubts about a multitouch QWERTY, but I a portrait QWERTY is on the way.

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 11:42 3

2. trey (unregistered)

tsk tsk tsk, honestly i think nokia should have just jumped on the android wagon. Not for all their phones just the high end ones. All i can say is I hope nokia gets it together in 2011.

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 11:58

3. ryq (unregistered)

nokia answer shows why they are falling behind. they still have this mentality that anything they build will be bought by everyone and everyone should follow them. if they want to regain their old mojo they can start by firing that guy who answer that inquiry.

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 18:18

7. yeah (unregistered)


posted on 09 Dec 2010, 14:33

4. thatdude1 (unregistered)

I agree with DontHateOnS60. I find it extremely hard to believe that Nokia is not already working on these things. And NO, Nokia should not jump on the Android bandwagon like everyone else.

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 14:37

5. deep space bar (unregistered)

if you notice while you type
you pres a the screen one finger at a time

multitouch keyboard is a joke and is a huge gimmick

no one types pressing two keys at once unless it's the shift key nothing else

nokia is smart about this and realizes that a multitouch keyboard us virtually useless
they just need to get the touch input optimized

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 16:55

6. Jeromeo (Posts: 135; Member since: 11 Jan 2010)

Nokia will go the way of IBM and go from a hardware company to a crappy company that only provides sad services which will eventually be supplanted by free Google services (with advertisements).
They lost their grip on reality and competition years ago...

posted on 09 Dec 2010, 22:45

8. R (unregistered)


posted on 10 Dec 2010, 12:37 1

9. dan_md (Posts: 66; Member since: 19 Oct 2010)


To clarify things, please read the latest post on the Nokia Youtube page. Their statement was vague at first. As it turns out, they are not working on the older s60v5 but improvements (such as portrait qwerty) are on the way for S^3 devices (N8, etc.)

As a publishing medium, your site has the responsibility to confirm things first before dispensing information. Please do not publish just because you have a scoop. Thanks.

Please check:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oldNDLucB6Y

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