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Poll results: the Pixel 3 XL notch is an eyesore

The Pixel 3 XL is a top notch device. And that's a large notch, which some people really dislike.
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Surprising results! /s


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is it really? I mean I'm the kind of person who don't dislike notch nor I like them but the pixel 3 notch is so big so horrendous i can't stand it and for me it is a deal breaker


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This is Pixels and Android. You can easily hide or use the notch. That is up to the user. So if you are a lover of Pixels and hate notches, then you can still buy the Pixel 3 and easily hide the notch. If you are unsure or want to try it one day with the notch, and another day to hide the notch. Then it's your choice. This isn't another platform that doesn't give you any options.


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I went VZW yesterday to finally see it in person. It wasn't that bad. That's my opinion of course. I think this is why Google is pushing dark themes so much. Nothing that a good background, or an app from XDA can fix.


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Absolutely. I rather go with the smaller variant than seeing that horrendous thing covering almost half of my screen xD


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Really? Because it's smaller than the one on the iPhone X's.


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hmm...who would guess?


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Who knows? People keep forgiving iPhone's huge notch, maybe they'll do the same for pixel, and 3XL's notch is like 40% smaller compared to XS Max (and probably just 1mm taller).https://i-cdn.phonearena.com//images/articles/332762-image/google-pixel-3-xl-notch-size-comparison.jpg


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people that care (the minority of the public) about technology and phones are the people that read these sites. The vast majority of people will not care or notice the notch because it is on every iphone they see these days.


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If the iPhone notch is a small boat, Pixel 3 xl notch is Titanic. It's just U G L Y. It's shape is abysmal, it's depth is insane and it's overall massive footprint is a curse to the entire man kind on earth.


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iPhones don't give you any option to disable the notch. The Pixel 3 gives its users the option to use the notch, or not use it, including hiding it all together. Even IPhone developers are forced to support the notch or your app will be rejected.


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Good, that’s the way it should be.


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While they use mostly black background to hide that notch, lol.


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Hiding a notch is just a stupid idea, especially with pixel 3 size notch :D


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Ture. Atleast in Android world there is option to hide. But am sorry for iphone folks. They don't have an option if they want the latest flagship. The only way to hide is in their pockets.

RoyalMike unregistered

Well we have bigger pockets


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Piyath, you need to open your eyes. But I guess you can't because your a blind Apple sheep.


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He's right, because that small boat is much bigger than Titanic, lol..https://i-cdn.phonearena.com//images/articles/332762-image/google-pixel-3-xl-notch-size-comparison.jpg


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They are all ugly. But you must be blind and stupid, because the one on the XL is smaller than the one on the S Max. By quite a bit. You trying to kill the ant on Googles for head, while Apple has a praying mantis on theirs. You guys are really complete worthless waste of space.


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I really cannot understand how such a design was approved by a company executive. I mean, how could you see a prototype of this and say "yes, build it. Let's price it at $900" ?


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May be someone leaving organization approved it :)


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I dunno. Apple did the same with an even bigger notch and it will cost you $1000+. So does that answer your question?


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Not sure why the fuss about the pixel 3 being ugly. iPhone is wider and uglier in my opinion and people are loving that phone.


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Because most of the Android users does not blindly accept whatever is given to them for the money they pay.


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Myself, I do notch see the problem. Its doable.


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But still it'll be a big seller just because of that crazy camera. Google's really doing wonders with that camera


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So your saying 3rd time wasn’t the charm after all ?


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We consumers never asked for these notches. Serves no purpose whatsoever other than being different in the mind of the OEM'S. Would be nice if this trend disappears as quickly as it surfaced.


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Yes we did. We asked for minimal bezels and that’s what we got.


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Sadly that's true, most people it's obsessed with small bezels even when it have no advantage at all, notches only have the disadvantage of cut a part of the picture, video or whatever you're watching, if you hide it you have a bezel so what is the point? Bragging rights for screen size and body to screen ratios, how easily people it's manipulated with marketing that they not only buy things that not simplify things but make it worse, and not only buy it but they ask for it.