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Poll results: Do you root or jailbreak your Android or iOS devices?

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Poll results: Do you root or jailbreak your Android or iOS devices?
Do you root your Android device? Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad? That's a question the answer to which we sought to uncover with our latest poll, posted on Monday

And many of you spoke up -- nearly 2,500 people, to be exact. According to the split, some 59.2% out of all the Android users who chose to vote (86.75% of the total) say they do root their devices, with the remaining 27.55% preferring to stay safe, and keep their warranty in case a problem develops. As for Apple's mobile platform, 7.43% out of 13.25% (or all the iOS users who voted) say they, too, mess around with their iDevices and jailbreak them for some added customization. The rest -- 5.82% -- keep things simple, and let Apple dictate the pace.

So what conclusions can we draw, then? First and foremost, we suspected a similar split, as the most active part of our small community over here is made up by people with pretty deep understanding of smartphone platforms. Those, we take it for granted, are typically the more likely to vote, too. Still, that's quite an overwhelming win for power users. The split over in Apple land is also not shocking, especially considering how much harder it is for iOS to be jailbroken in comparison with Android rooting. Anyhow, it's time for you to speak up once again -- did these results at all surprise you? Or did you expect as much? Why?

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