PhoneArena wants your feedback

PhoneArena wants your feedback
Greetings to all!

As you know, our audience (you guys) is extremely important to us and we’d do almost anything to keep it happy. Your opinions and suggestions are very important to us and we would like to know what do you think of PhoneArena and the changes we have made in the past few months. We know there are going to be some complaints, but those are of big help to us. We are looking not only to make sure you have a nice experience on our site but are also constantly trying to enhance it, by providing more content, improving the design, etc.

Let us hear your voice!

Feel free to send us your suggestions and comments using the linked form or send them on email



1. unregistered

The "Latest News" should be placed in a more attractive place on the page. People who come in don't want to see the same 4 pictures ("Editor's Pick") all the time... Show us what's new on the top of the page! Great site anyway! Cheers....

11. unregistered

I agree that's the only thing that bother's me keep up the good work Phonearena!

16. unregistered

i would have to agree .....

24. unregistered

Yes, I totally agree as well. Please make the "Latest News" more prominent on your page! I too stumbled upon your page by accident, and with the exception of the front page find your site to be the most comprehensive website in regards to cell phone reviews! I'd also really appreciate more coverage on breaking news as well. All the same, it's a really well thought out and well functioning website as is.

2. omegaman888

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 25, 2008

i do agree with post #1, the front page could use some work, but overall the website is great. i found this site by mistake and stuck with it. the in depth reviews are the best on the web right now, keep that up. i really look forword to coming on and seeing what the new headlines are going to be =)

3. unregistered

I know advertising pays for the website but please try to have ads like Sprint's where they don't pop up by themselves. They are annoying.

4. unregistered

Is there anything you could do to limit the way VZW fans comment. I agree that VZW is a great company but I don't want to hear about it on every single comment thread for every article out there.

5. unregistered

agreed. They even comment on articles that are totally not related to verizon.

6. unregistered

then limit iphone fanboys too please im sick of hearing them cry back and forth

20. unregistered

Since comments are such an important part of the site, I think keeping them relevant and somewhat appropriate should be more of a priority. I think it's about time you require people to register in order to comment so the people who post "VZW RULEZ!!!!!!!1111" under every story can be dealt with. You could award points that enable posters to reach levels like some other sites do. That way, they would be less trolling as people who visit often would not want to risk their status with a ban. I love the site, but some days I steer clear, looking to avoid some of the idiotic things that I don't find on some other sites. Keep up the good work!

7. unregistered

Two Things: 1) Too many pop up ads. Like the guy said earlier, the advertisements help pay for the website, but they are extremely annoying to navigate around and they hurt the overall experience of the site. 2) Please stop being so bias about the iPhone. We all know that it is a good/great device, but it is far from the gold standard when it comes to overall product. Yes it may be the most popular touch screen phone out there, but in some articles (such as the article comparing the top touch screen phones) you make it sound like it can do nothing wrong. The iPhone 3G has so many bugs to it even after the software upgrades but your site keeps giving Apple a free pass. If Samsung, LG, RIM, and the other cell phone companies put out a product with even half the problems you would say its a terrible phone. Just be fair in your judgement. Sorry for ranting. Other than that this is my top site for cell phone news. Thank you

8. unregistered

i love this website. besides the annoying pop ups, i have no problem with it.Y. ATT RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULES!

9. unregistered

Try to get more reviews on some phones

10. Doitall76 unregistered

Please try to censor or remove posts that are offensive in language and context. I would agree that there needs to be some kind of censorship about the comments in regards to all phone carriers. It seems to always get into some kind of crying session.

12. vzw fanboy unregistered

i think no one should swear but other than that the "Crying session" is what makes the posts fun to read :-) 90% of my college has verizon, what do you think about that?

13. unregistered

The pop-up in-page advertisements are a bit annoying. I understand you are making some hard earned money here and I'm all for capitalism; however, I must advise you it's frustrating when I'm trying to read your indepth, well written journalism and it's covered up by a bouncing graffic that keeps opening every time I close it. Other than that - Great Articles!! I'm still waiting for the follow-up iPhone 3G review that was referenced in the original launch-day review.

14. unregistered

get rid of the pop-up advertisments

15. unregistered

I agree, the pop-up ads have to go. I've never been to a site where pop-up ads constantly open in the middle of trying to read an article.

17. mkl4466 unregistered

For those of us who check the page daily, especially from a wap 2.0 or other mobile browser, please move the newest articles and new phones section to the left side of the page. From a wap browsing its very frustrating to have to scroll all the way down through the editors picks and the reviews section to get down to the fresh content. Try just taking out the editors picks and moving the news articles to that section, and putting the new phone launch below that where the reviews section is. Checkout, great from a mobile browser because the newest articles are always right on top, easy to get to from a wap 2.0 or other mobile browser. Also, love the discussion forum on each article. Thats the best part about the site. It would be awesome to also have the same discussion thread under each phone info page. Your reviews are great, but sometimes it takes awhile for you to post a review. We'd like to have the discussion forum as soon as you launch the phone info page. Thanks for taking interest in our feedback. This is one of the best sites for phone junkies. Love it.

18. unregistered

Stop the pop-up ads!!!! please!!!!!!

19. TL unregistered

I agree with moving the news to the forefront of the page; but more than that I think you guys should try to get in to more news on a daily basis- expand on the content that you cover. I check engadget, boygenius, crackberry, and your site on a regular basis and it seems that you guys usually have less new content to check out. However, I do agree that your in depth reviews are the best of any of the sites that I mentioned.

21. unregistered

I understand that Phone Arena makes money from advertisement but one of the things that bugs me the most is when I load the web page it goes to the main content and right when im about to click on a link it redirects me to an advertisement page. I then click on the "go to phone arena" link but it does not work. So I find myself re-typing the address in and loading phone arena. then I "accidently" roll my cursor over the ads and those pop up. i click the close link and it closes. but then I get redirected to the advertisement page again. UGH! I am about 2 or 3 more of those instances away from saying goodbye to Phone Arena.

22. unregistered

PhoneArena has more pop ups than a porn site! Please get rid of them!

23. unregistered

Thx guys for all the specs... I would like to emphasize the need for all Bluetooth profiles for all smartphones. How can it be called an smart phone if it does not have Bluetooth FTP? Also please show a qualifier for call quality and another for overheating

25. unregistered

I'm sorry to be an ass, but the guy who does the video reviews is a bit hard to understand. Maybe if you had a script that was rehearsed over and over it would be better, but it could just be simple things like getting a better gain on the mic. I would rather watch someone go through phone features in real time instead of reading, even if the review isn't perfect.

26. unregistered

Phoonearena is GREAT!!! I just think that there should be someone monitoring foul language, if the context includes profanity it should not be posted and by the way the pop ups are not that bad it should totally be less of them other than that KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

27. allboutvzw

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

I love Phonearena, the only thing I hate is the Pop-Up ads and I am guess that is a way to avoid having to charge members a membership fee but there is a limit. I dread having to visit the page, it's like a pop-up will show, when you close it. It pops right back up and keeps popping up. It's kinda bothering. There is too many pop-ups.

31. Hmm unregistered

This site is pretty awsome. I come on it all the time. I guess language could be an issue, but i think it is really cool that everyone can talk freely. Even if its crying back and forth between carriers. I agree that reading the crying is half the fun, and some of them make good points. I don't mind pop ups but agree that they should not pop back open once closed!

28. unregistered

STOP deleting relevant posts. I seem to post things that are not bad, rude or irrelevant and often find they have been removed... and for what?!?!...

32. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol, yea ive gotton thtat a lot too.

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