Phone Arena is under construction

Phone Arena is under construction
Phone Arena has just been launched with a completely new interface and features. It is still considered under construction so please excuse us if features or links are not working! We are doing everything possible to fix them asap!

We are eager to hear you comments. Please use our new "Comments" system just below the article to let us know what you think. If you like/dislike something strongly, let us know!

Thank you! Team



1. Matt unregistered

I love what you have done with the place!

2. Not Matt unregistered

A full site redesign during CES. Genius.

3. Taz unregistered

Hiya, I am the owner of i visit this site regularly and the old site was amazing but guess what it just got 10x better, i completley envy your site design well done.

4. jiro unregistered


5. unregistered

Just a few words from Argentina: Good job buddies. Congrats for the new look and fee and the new features.

6. maximus unregistered

How about a CDMA section? No love ever for the little market in this world that is seens all news and sites are GSM The global standard.

7. ANGEL unregistered

i love the easy navigation this site has...i use it every day @ work!!!

8. chad unregistered

I think the new interface and design are awesome.

9. Vector unregistered

Its design and setup is very ergonomic, when your browsing though pages and wonder, "Wheres the Phone Filter" Its exactly where you think it will be along with the rest of the site. Very professional looking, very stable. Its the nicest one out there. The site is also faster, im not sure if Phone Arena updated its bandwidth if you did, its great, if you didnt, its great. Lots of accurate information packed into one site time for me to browse around. Thanks Phone Arena!

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