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Pearl available with Verizon

Pearl available with Verizon
Pearl available with Verizon
*Update: *

The pre-ordering for the Pearl has been removed. You can now Order the Pearl from the Verizon web site and have it delivered as early as Monday Nov 5th. It will be available for in-store purchases on Nov 8th.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone was announced as one of the four “next” phones for the carrier and is the second one available for purchase (after the Juke), coming at $199 with two-year contract after rebate.

The CDMA variant of the Pearl is very similar to the GSM one which is available with both AT&T and T-Mobile but slightly improves its multimedia functionality with video recording and 3.5mm stereo jack.

If our information is right, it will be available in January also in Pink, but this is still not officially announced.

Thanks Omie and Zechariah!

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. Russ (unregistered)

Go to the pearl page...verizonwireless.com/pearl.....and click on the 3g data bullet at the bottom left...it pulls up a high speed data caption...but the screen shot on the devices is windows mobile...lol...dumbasses

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 12:23

2. zechariahs (unregistered)

I'm really looking forward to this. My Treo 650 is going south and I'm looking to switch to a company that actually releases new phones instead of repackaging old ones. The only thing I'm worried about is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard.

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 16:33

3. Nick (unregistered)

how much will the phone be if you are not renewing your contract?

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 19:08

4. Matt (unregistered)

That is not the Windows mobile interface you moron that is exactly how the blackberry 8830 looks.

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 22:38

5. RUSS (unregistered)

if you read my post...it states go to the last bullet...which describes the web browsing....i am a blackberry fanatic....i know its not windows mobile...ass...lol...but i cant help if you dont read.....if you click on the last bullet the that says high speed data web browser that pulls up on the screen is windows mo......way to go

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 22:44

6. RUSS (unregistered)

just checked the site...they pulled the pic...but i swear they had a pic of the browser off of iexplorer mobile...my bad...damn i wish i had a screen shoot

posted on 02 Nov 2007, 02:09

7. jmthomas2 (unregistered)

Wow Get a life you two. Swearing over a windows vs. RIM browser???

posted on 02 Nov 2007, 10:20

8. sinfulta (unregistered)

When I saw your post, when you did click on the last bullet for the pearl about the EVDO, it did have a windows internet explorer screen on there. I thought it was funny also that they would make that large of a mistake...but oh well. It's gone now.

posted on 02 Nov 2007, 11:26

9. Casey (unregistered)

....... I have the screen shot of the Internet Explorer on the Pearl. I saw this post right after he did it and I went and checked it. It you want it then send me a e-mail ( caseykramer@comcast.net ) and I will send it back to you. So that way you two stop arguing and the other dude will believe Russ....

posted on 03 Nov 2007, 00:32

10. Omie (unregistered)

Got my 2 Pearls :) They are AWESOME!!!

posted on 06 Nov 2007, 13:16

11. GoWirless Girl (unregistered)

Is the pink one coming out? wah! My treo dubya sucks!!

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