Pantech C820 for AT&T – the Duo 2?

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Pantech C820 for AT&T – the Duo 2?
The FCC revealed the first information on a new Windows Mobile-powered Pantech handset destined to AT&T. With model number C820 and a dual-slider form-factor, it definitely resembles the Duo C810 currently offered by the carrier. The new model will come with smoother look, resembling the Helio Ocean, which by the way is also manufactured by Pantech. Feature-wise, the second generation Duo will be only a slight update, with the newer 6.1 version of the OS and a 2-megapixel camera. The Duo’s lack of Wi-Fi and GPS will not be fixed in the successor, but if it comes at a low price, this wouldn’t be a huge drawback.

Pantech Duo 2 Preliminary Specifications

source: FCC

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1. Jyakotu unregistered

Kind of reminds me of the Helio Ocean (also made by Pantech) due to its rounder shape.

2. iff2mastamatt unregistered

I think it is Helio Ocean dubbed with Windows Mobile 6.1 to appeal to corporate consumers. The Dual Slider is cool at first, but then doesn't seem worth sacrificing thickness for a number pad (at least with my experience with the Pantech Matrix).

3. EmIe unregistered

Yea it does look like the ocean just more shiney thumbs down

4. unregistered

This is still a cool ass looking device, although it's similar to the Ocean. But I can't forget .... it's still a PHONE!!! With that said, it's made by Pantech, so I don't wanna get my hopes up high regarding phone service.

5. unregistered


14. unregistered

meh..pantech sucks

6. jrcrow unregistered

lol Helio Ocean 2!!...Samsung THAT'S A texting phone!!

7. unregistered

the rant is trash, the rumor is such a better phone..

8. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

Your have obviously never got your hands on the two of them together. One of my phones is a rumor and my younger brother picked up the rant. The rant is a FAR better phone then the rumor IN MY OPINION.

9. Jyakotu unregistered

Okay, I'm an AT&T fanboy and even I can tell you that the Rant > Rumor. Even though I'm not fans of either phones, the Rant is so much better. Don't know why anyone would get a Rumor when they could get a Rant for the same price.

10. unregistered

lol actually, i work at a 3rd party sprint store, so YES i have played with both of them, and i am not the only person who thinks the rant is slow, crappy sound quality and anything the rant does, that the rumor dosnt do, it does poorly.

11. unregistered

wow thats why you think its a better phone, cause you work at a 3rd party story and everyone knows that 3rd party stores mess your shit up. i work at a corporate sprint store and i would sell the rant over the rumor even if the rant was broken tossed in water and had no camera. The Rumor is SHIT, i havent sold in since the rant came out.

12. unregistered


13. unregistered

L..O...L unfortunately you are wrong about the 3rd party thing, people AVOID sprint corporate cuz they SUCK, adn they are assholes.. and dumb cuz my 3rd party store is radioshack. the number 1 wireless retailer in th nation. and you are a fool for, liking the rant..fuck even my SPRINT REP hates the rant. because the rant is sloooooow, compare it to a samsung m520, (whichis a cheaper and older phone) and it runs smoother and faster than the rant. and the rant cant take the beatiings that a rumor can, and yes i have seen first hand what kind of abuse a rumor can take and im seriously impressed by it. plus the sprint "one touch" interface blows.

15. unregistered

umm, ya..about that #11 the rant is $50 more than the rumor

18. Jyakotu unregistered

I seen on the Sprint website where the Rant was $49.99 too.

20. unregistered

That's pretty funny. I work for RS as well and my District Manager has a Rant and he loves it. I believe it is FAR superior to the Rumor, which is known to suddenly lose power when you slide the QWERTY. To each his own.

24. rawrfgt unregistered

i had the rant and the rumor and the rant is total rubbish! it kept automatically updating and then when the update was done it would turn off and when it turned back onit wouldn't boot up. plus it can't use myxer!

16. unregistered

ya, sprint does kinda..blow thats why they are in desperation mode, withe the simply everything and the cheap deposits.

19. unregistered

Cheap deposits? Deposits are higher now for Sprint than they were a year ago. Know your facts before you spout crap.

21. unregistered

umm, once again, RS employee so..ya i know the facts. and sprints deposits never compare to att deposits or verizon.

17. unregistered

great, another phone, another qwerty that is just too damn cramped. and how do you not include wifi OR gps? im so used to using those two features so much id feel like id be going back years without them. and at this point in the rant/rumor argument...there is no winner. side sliding qwerty dumbphones are useless.

22. unregistered

except for people who want a cheap reliable texting the rumor.

23. M!$$ @nonYmou$ unregistered

lmao at whoever thinks that oh so simple weak speaker no evdo havin rumor is better than the rant!!!!!

25. Vitamins4022 unregistered

woah! I have no idea what you just said! Is that English?

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