Panasonic announces VIERA tablet, coming in 4" to 10" variety

Panasonic announces VIERA tablet, coming in 4

Panasonic also jumps on the tablet waggon. The Japanese company just announced its VIERA tablet “with a small touch screen LCD display” that is set to make an appearance in Japan in less than two hours. “Small” varies as the tablet will be offered in several models starting from a 4” model and ranging to the not so small 10 inch version. The slate will feature Google's Android and is expected to be closely integrated with Panasonic's VIERA TV lineup.

The tablet will be the company's first step in a move to cloud-based services like video streaming and e-books. The VIERA tablets will have prototype displayed at the show. One form of integration with the Viera TV lineup is using the tablet as a sub-screen for images and related information. The VIERA tablets will also be shock resistant.

Take a look at Panasonic's vision for the device, which will allow to:

(1)  Enjoy IPTV services such as VIERA Connect* online video-on-demand and interactive services

(2)  Use it intuitively as a "visual remote control" to operate TV including switching channels

(3)  View sports scenes from different angles as a sub-screen

(4) Communicate via social network services (SNS) while watching TV

(5)  Enjoy the advantage of e-commerce, ordering suggested items related to the TV contents by shopping online on the tablet.”

source: Panasonic



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