Palm will use Linux in its devices

Palm will use Linux in its devices
Palm has been working on a new version of their PalmOS which will be based on a Linux Kernel but will still maintain some backward compatibility with Palm OS 5 Garnet (the latest version). This new Linux Kernel based OS will be different from the Access Linux Platform and is Palm’s own homegrown OS, which Palm will keep for itself, not licensing it to other manufacturers. The rumors say that the new OS will use Opera as its default browser, as recently there was an agreement between Palm and Opera.

Palm devices based on the Linux Kernel should appear before the end of the year, but some PalmOS 5 devices will still be introduced later this year.

source: TreoCentral



1. Tone Loc unregistered

AWSOME! I hope they make is as user friendly as Mandriva 2007!!

2. argonnj unregistered

Lets hope they do a redesign. The tired old form factor they have been using is outdated.

3. Bob Saget unregistered

I wonder if this would work on my Palm 750? It would be cool to try something different other than WM5 or even WM6.

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