Palm to hire a director of Sprint retail sales to manage ‘product launch activities’

Palm to hire a director of Sprint retail sales to manage ‘product launch activities’
On August 3rd, Palm’s job board posted an open position for ‘Director - Sprint Retail Sales’. The posting references “the implementation of products/services based on the VP–Sales – Sprint’s direction”, as well as “product launch activities”. These points suggest that Palm will continue its close relationship with Sprint, and, what is more important for us, may soon launch new products!

Back in late April of this year, HP announced the purchase of Palm, Inc. for $1.2 billion. The promising partnership combines HP’s large international infrastructure and resources with Palm’s proven webOS operating system. Perhaps the HP-Palm power-couple, with the help of Sprint’s growing 4G network, can stand against the Android OS’ burgeoning market share. Time will tell.

source: Palm Job Board via PreCentral



1. desertmike680

Posts: 42; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

This is great news for us at Sprint. Were expecting a WebOS 4g device from Palm, but there barely a leak in regards to the device.

3. ChiShort unregistered

Where are you in Sprint? I recently heard Verizon was pulling the Pre Plus - ostensibly to make room for a Pre 2. Have you heard anything that you're willing to discuss?

2. tlang1064

Posts: 49; Member since: Feb 21, 2010

I'm excited to see what they're gonna do next. I can hardly wait!

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