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Palm includes Cow Mode on webOS 2.0

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Palm includes Cow Mode on webOS 2.0
Palm includes Cow Mode on webOS 2.0
Palm and HP don't exactly have a large mobile device presence right now. Their Pre, Pixi, and Pre 2 represent a very meager portion of the market. But that fact's not keeping down the spirits of webOS developers.

The webOS 2.0 code includes a Cow Mode provision, where you can include a fanciful cow show in your emails. All you do is type the subject line as "supercowpowers" (without the quotes), and your email will include a funny cow-show in the body of the message.

This little 'Easter Egg' is reminiscent of a similar treat, included on the old PalmOS. No, a cow-themed email won't make webOS more competitive with Android and iOS, but it's good to know that Palm has a sense of humor. Maybe some of you think that our devices should solely be juggernauts of functionality, but everybody needs some comic relief.

source: @webosinternals via PreCentral

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