Palm (accidentally?) announces Treo Pro

Palm (accidentally?) announces Treo Pro
Today, Palm posted official information, photos and video of its new Treo Pro. We are not sure if this happened by mistake, but the materials are now taken down and the original link says that the story is no longer available.

However, here are a few details. The device is now confirmed to be running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system and to feature integrated GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi, as it was “a one-touch Wi-Fi button”. It is said to feature also a high-resolution flush display but no exact figures are given (we hope it is 640x640). The video demonstration shows using both Google maps and Telenav but there is no information if the latter will be available for free on the device.

source: The NewsMarket (broken link)



1. unregistered

lol I smell a firing about to be announced.

2. unregistered

Isn't this like the second leak of the pro?

11. unregistered

yes but the first one was some insiders info, use the search

3. unregistered

I don't understand the difference between this and the TREO 800w?

4. MADD HATTER unregistered

You wouldn't understand. It's completly different on so many levels! Clearly the color alone is different. Use your eye's man...... Shut your mouth when your talking to me

5. Oz unregistered

I keep reading that it is on WCDMA. But then on Boy Genius they state that it will probably go on ATT> I guess i don't understand. CDMA is Verizon and Sprint right? ATT is GSM. Any help here would be awesome.

8. Oz unregistered

Heh, this link is probably very informative, but to me it reads like a tax booklet. Any help?

10. unregistered

W-CDMA is a GSM technology. it's TOTALLY different the original CDMA/EV-DO. W-CDMA is the driving force behind what is commonly called HSDPA/HSUPA- the AT&T/GSM 3G technology.

16. unregistered

W-CDMA is still WIDEBAND CDMA my friend. It's sort of like a stepchild/hybrid cousin to CDMA.

17. unregistered

As is LTE a stepchild/hybrid cousin to GSM so it really does not matter without CDMA there is no GSM 3g with out LTE there is no 4G CDMA

7. unregistered

there is two different versions for different carriers there is a gsm version as well that will be released on att not sure when tho

9. unregistered

its windows based... this phone is gonna be a piece of crap... all palms are crappy. i've never owned one that didn't drop a million calls a day or froze up everytime a button is pressed.

12. unregistered thats all you need to know about this phone I-Treo 800P baby!!!

13. unregistered


14. unregistered

its huge

15. unregistered

the treo pro is up on the site again if u want to c a vid go here and scroll down

18. unregistered

I'm actually surprised that I finally like the look of a Palm device. I think Palm finally did a good job on this device making it look sleek, eye - catchy, and sort of elegant. Wow good job Palm

19. unregistered

HTC actually assembles the new line of palm devices. That is why they are better (starting with the centro). Palm then installs the software on the device. I hope that palm can make a comback by outsourcing the assembly to a company that does a supurb job assembling devices.

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