Palm Treo 700w has Daylight Savings Time bug

Palm Treo 700w has Daylight Savings Time bug

Palm has revealed that its new smartphone, based on Windows Mobile 5.0 OS - Treo 700w has a problem dealing with the Daylight Saving Time, which in the US starts at 2 am on the first weekend of Apriland then the clocks skip forward an hour. The problem affects the Treo 700w calendar appointments. It seems that the appointments, entered directly into the Palm Treo 700w ignore the Daylight Savings Time, while those entered from a users' PC do not. As a result the directly entered appointments will appear one hour early. However, there's no way to tell which appointment originated from the handset and which from the desktop. Palm engineers are currently investigating the issue. Meanwhile, Palm's website offers Treo 700w users two workarounds to deal with the problem.



Source: Palm (via TreoCentral)


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