Palm Treo 700p available from Verizon Wireless

Palm Treo 700p available from Verizon Wireless
Treo 700p was officially anounced a week ago and received FCC just three days ago. Today, Verizon Wireless which is currently the only carrier to offer the Windows Mobile powered 700w started to sell the 700p as well. In fact the two devices have almost the same specifications (the 700p has higher display resolution) and have exactly the same design and dimensions. The main difference is that the W-one runs on Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC Phones, while the P-version runs on Palm OS 5.4 (Garnet). They are even offered at the same price of $500 with two-year contract or $550 with one-year contract with Verizon.


Palm 700p complete specifications

We expect the 700p to launch with Sprint PCS soon.



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