Palm Centro headed to Verizon

Palm Centro headed to Verizon
Engadget Mobile have gotten their hands on some pictures of the Palm Centro with Verizon branding. With the success of the Centro on both Sprint and AT&T, it is no surprise that Palm wants to bring it to as many carriers as possible. There is no information on the device, from the picture we can see that it will be dark blue and that Verizon has included their Wireless Sync service. Save for a few carrier customizations, we wouldn't expect anything to change from the Sprint unit that has sold over 1 million since its launch last October.

Palm Centro Specifications | Review

source: EngadgetMobile

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1. lessthanzach unregistered

I checked it out and I think the qwerty is too small. Palms were cutting it thin in the first place compared to HTC 6800 etc, I don't know how well I would like this phone.... PLUS!: No voice activated dialing through bluetooth!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK PALM!!!

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

Phone looks like it has potential.

3. tdll13 unregistered

Are you kidding me? Verizon has let the rumor of so many other phones get out. The glyde, the dare, ect and this is the phone that comes out? Verizon stop dragging your feet! Best network or not I am about to scoop up an iphone first chance I get, the phone is only as good as the network but the network is only as good as the phone as well! Fix the second half already.

4. dr greenthumb unregistered

the centro is the shit everyone should buy it besides its small qwerty keyboard the phone is amazing!

5. unregistered

tdll13, the lg dare is the lg voyager, slight body changes but its overall the same phone and the glyde came out a couple days ago so the rumors have all been true and verizon will most likely get the centro in blue

6. unregistered

The palm centro is a nice beginer phone. However, beware its short commings. First the desktop software is NOT compatible with windows XP media version. Second, You can not enter a date book event that crosses from one day to the next. It will cause the desktop software crash. Third, if you enter a contacts birth date in the contacts page it will nolonger show up as an event in the date book. You must manually enter it into the date book. Fourth, If you have an issue, when you get through to India for tech support, don't count on much. They will you the fix is to remove the software and reinstall it. So if you keep these issues in mind and can work with them the Centro is a nice basic device, not for gthe hardcore business proffesional.

7. leothemays1

Posts: 1; Member since: May 21, 2012

just curious how do i get a manual for my palm centro please some one help the leo

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